Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown set in Hong Kong, releases September 2022

Justin Melillo

NACON Connect on 6th July brought some news about the future release of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. 

We’re going to Hong Kong on the 22nd of September, 2022. 

During the conference, inciting the task to attempt to keep things at a 1:1 scale, this new Massively Multiplayer Online game will be an open world in the streets, mountains, forests and beaches of this recreation of the island of Hong Kong. There are two clans to join, either “The Streets” or “The Sharps”, and the goal is to grow in your chosen clan and overthrow the other. 

The trailer starts off the same as the last head-to-head teaser, with the Aston Martin DB11 and the Range Rover Sport SVR facing off in a parking garage. After selecting the theme for the trailer, the two speed off and jump out. The clip cuts to a Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class racing on the muddy, watery surface in a marsh-like area.  

The trailer constantly flashes back and forth between the cars and the casino, transforming the splash of the water into the spray of the champagne. That could signify the ability to gamble for cars in the game. Gambling is only somewhat legal in Hong Kong, restricted to a few regulated outlets in the real world. In this fantasy world, however, I don’t think much of the gambling here will be under those regulations. 

After a bit of a rave, a Lamborghini Huracán Performante and a BMW i8 Spyder race out of a tunnel into the crowded streets of the city. Back to the rave for a second, then a shift back to the heads up between the Aston Martin and the Range Rover, now racing around the shipping containers of a dock area.

The mixture of cars and gambling seems to suggest you are racing with your vehicle on the line, likely against the opposing clan.

A close-up of the logo brings the party to a penthouse, zooming out from a briefcase. There’s a map, possibly the playable map. The map is swiped away to an overhead shot of the city, which transforms into a tower of poker chips. As the cards are laid out on the table, a key fob is placed in the betting pile. The cards are flipped as the BMW from before drifts around a corner. 

The orange Lamborghini from before closes in, and from above, the camera zooms out into a jewel, locked into a briefcase, locked into the trunk of the Aston Martin as it drives off on the highway with the Range Rover, Lamborghini, and BMW in tow.  

Zooming out, some waypoints are shown, such as the Solar Hotel, Central Plaza, and Hong Kong Park, all to show the entire Hong Kong Island.

The trailer ends by fading into the logo, showing the release date of 22nd September 2022. With more than 14 months until the release, the hype will continue to build as KT Racing Creative Director Alain Jarniou and Game Director Amaury Beyris said that they will keep us all updated with regular content until the release.

When that content drops, we’ll be all over it. Be sure to keep it pinned at Traxion.GG.

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