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Take a closer look at F1 Manager 2022 with new Behind the Scenes series

Take a closer look at F1 Manager 2022 with new Behind the Scenes series

A first ‘Behind The Scenes’ look at the upcoming F1 Manager 22 dropped on Wednesday (1st June 2022) and shed light on what it means to ‘Be the Boss’ in the upcoming Formula 1 management-style title.

F1 Manager 22, from Frontier Developments, puts players in a different role on the team that doesn’t include driving. Instead, players will assume the role of Team Principal and will make all of the decisions at the track and at the shop, in hopes to be the best team in the paddock.

While most of the features that were discussed in the Behind the Scenes video are already documented, there were a few scenes that caught our eye. One of which was the inclusion of the Formula 1 Cost Cap, which uses the realistic number of $140Million that’s been implemented for the 2022 season.

Cost Cap covers all expenses that impact car performance. While there is a finite number, emergency purchases are included on the chart, which means you can probably go over at a cost, just like in the real-world stipulations.

With that in mind, we can probably expect that the cost figures are fairly accurate throughout the game, adding another extra level of immersion to the fold. This adds to what we already know about the duties that the players will be responsible for as Team Principals throughout their play through.

This is a first of an unknown amount of videos that will take a look at the upcoming title. What are your thoughts on this first Behind the Scenes look at the new game? Let us know in the comments!

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F1 Manager 2022 by Frontier Developments launches in summer 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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