Sunrise GP revealed, releasing on Nintendo Switch this year

Sunrise GP revealed, releasing on Nintendo Switch this year

A new arcade style racing game is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year and it’s got me itching to hit the open road. Sunrise GP takes the fun in cross country travel and combines that with the extreme fun of racing cars.

Developed by Garage 5 and to be published by Polish-based studio Gamedust, Sunrise GP is officially in development and is expected to drop at some point at some point in 2022. The game features “cartoonish fun with bright and pastel colors,” per the release.

Now, don’t get it twisted. While this is an arcade-style of racing game, there will be physics-based nuances between the different classic European cars to choose from. Each car will be “significantly different” from one another in terms of dynamics.

There will be four different racing modes, including single-player campaign, split-screen local multiplayer mode for up to four people, challenge mode and quick race. There will also be a built-in photo mode to capture the scenery.

Speaking of scenes, there will be plenty of different tracks based in different parts of the world, so there will always be something fun and new to do with the challenges presented. It may have an arcade-ish, cartoon style but the devs also look to bring in some forms of realism.

What do you think about this upcoming title? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Keep it pinned as we’ll keep our eyes out for the progression of this game.

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