SRX: The Game update lands Camping World branding, updated features

Justin Melillo
SRX: The Game update lands Camping World branding, new features
SRX: The Game

The new Superstar Racing Experience game got its first patch on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after the game was announced and released, Marcus Lemonis and Camping World signed on as a series sponsor for the inaugural season, so the official game now reflects that update with branding inside. 

One of the gripes I had mentioned in my Hands on Day 1 article was that there wasn’t enough variety of tracks on the SRX car track list. The cars could only race at the six tracks on the real schedule due to begin this weekend at Stafford Motor Speedway.  

With the patch, a total of 18 tracks are now able to be raced on, the six original tracks plus 12 more that are utilized in the Late Model, Stadium Truck, and 305 Wingless divisions. 

The SUPERSTAR RACING EXPERIENCE Official Car track list: 

6 original real-life tracks on the 2021 schedule 

  • Eldora Speedway (1/2 mile mid banked dirt)  
  • Knoxville Raceway (1/2 mile low banked dirt) 
  • Lucas Oil Raceway (7/10 mile low banked asphalt) 
  • Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway (3/5 mile mid banked asphalt) 
  • Slinger Speedway (1/4 mile high banked asphalt) 
  • Stafford Motor Speedway (1/2 mile low banked asphalt) 

12 dirt tracks added 

  • Baxterville (1/3 mile low banked) 
  • Circle Lake (5/8 mile mid banked)  
  • Diamond Grove (1/5 mile low banked) 
  • Durango Park (4/10 mile low banked) 
  • Elm Creek (1/5 mile low banked)  
  • Grant Park (3/8 mile low banked)  
  • I-19 (1/4 mile mid banked) 
  • Kenyon County (1/3 mile low banked) 
  • Madison Lake (3/10 mile low banked) 
  • Old Mill (1/4 mile low banked)  
  • Sheep Mountain (1/3 mile mid banked)  
  • Sugarbush (1/2 mile low banked)  

On top of that needed update, a number of other fixes were made to the official SRX game by Monster Games. With the updates added, what are you most excited about? Let us know how the update feels, I’m going to give this SRX car another lap or two around Durango Park. 


  • Update with Camping World SRX Series branding. 
  • Added additional SRX paint schemes. 
  • Added additional sponsors to car creator. 
  • Added option to car creator to “Reset to Default”. 
  • Prevent 3-digit car numbers from wrapping. 
  • SRX cars can race at more tracks. 
  • Added more season schedule options. 
  • Improved transmission sounds. 
  • Address “backwards-wall-riding” exploit. 
  • Reset all leaderboards. 
  • On post-race summary screen in career, display correct money earned. 
  • Adjusted tuning of Career Exhibition season. 
  • Other tuning adjustments. 
  • Fix lap count displayed in replay of SRX races. 
  • In multiplayer leaderboards, don’t show invalid track/series combinations. 
  • Other minor improvements and fixes. 
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