Spa-Francorchamps and AMG-GT3 confirmed for Rennsport

Alongside Spa and the AMG-GT3 Evo, more cars and tracks will be unveiled for sim racing platform Rennsport in the coming months alongside the ESL R1 esports competition.
Spa-Francorchamps and AMG-GT3 confirmed for Rennsport

Another new circuit has been announced for the upcoming simulation platform Rennsport – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. 

The news comes in the wake of today’s, 23rd January, ESL R1 details, the new racing esports competition that has a €1million prize pool for 2023. It will utilise the sim racing platform before its publicly available. 

Rennsport Spa-Francorchamps circuit

“We will definitely announce and bring some new racetracks into the game over the year,” says Morris Hebecker, CEO and Co-founder of Rennsport to Traxion.GG. 

“We will start with the basics, you know, so Spa is part of it, same with Mercedes-AMG. 

“I said to the team, ‘come on, we do it all together’. Sometimes it will be that ESL R1 will announce or bring some new content before we announce it on our Rennsport channels – but for us, it’s one big project. 

“Therefore, for me, it’s not that important if we release a new racetrack or car on the Rennsport channels or a video with ESL R1.” 

BMW M4 GT3, Goodwood Hillclimb, Rennsport
Spa-Francorchamps joins Hockenheimring and the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb in Rennsport

Spa-Francorchamps joins the previously announced Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg and Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb, both of which were playable during the May 2022 Rennsport Summit. 

The AMG-GT3 Evo was teased during the ESL R1 teaser on 12th January, and it is now confirmed for the Rennsport platform, to be used by the manufacturer-backed Mercedes-AMG teams in the competition. It joins GT3 machinery from Porsche, Audi and BMW. 

AMG-GT3 Evo Rennsport
AMG-GT3 Evo in ESL R1, Rennsport, teaser

“We will not announce any further new cars or manufacturers [on Monday 23rd],” explains Hebecker 

“We will do it step by step over the next months, there will be a lot of new cars and manufacturers in the pipeline, and definitely more tracks.” 

The first ESL R1 season, Spring, kicks off at the IEM Expo Katowice, Poland, 11th February with nine rounds in total, ending in May 2023 at a second Rennsport Summit.  

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