Series 5 of Forza Horizon 5 is PR Stunt-themed, includes new cars

Series 5 of Forza Horizon 5 is PR Stunt-themed, here’s your full run-down
By Thomas Harrison-Lord and Justin Melillo

Following the Horizon World Cup in Series 4, Series 5 of Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist has a fresh new theme – Horizon Rush, which is focused on PR Stunts.

PR Stunts are a long-established feature within Forza Horizon titles, usually involving a big Danger Sign jump or Speed Zone where you received a star rating based on your performance.

As part of this month’s update, 16 new PR Stunts will be added the open-world racing game by Playground Games, alongside a revamped Horizon Rush outpost.

The stadium – El Estadio Horizon – has also been turned into a giant Stunt Park, reminiscent of a Event Lab creation. This location seems to be a key won in terms of seasonal changes, as it’s already been turned into an ice rink of sorts in the past.

Series 5 of Forza Horizon 5 is PR Stunt-themed, here’s your full run-down

For those hunting all of the Accolades, there will be a suite of news ones specifically for this area too.

A new challenge type has also been added for the latest Festival Playlist. First seen in the ‘Seasonal Special’ event, ‘Horizon Parade’, you will be racing in the Parade Float – first seen in one of the single-player Expedition missions.

For those who are fans of avatar outfits, rejoice, as you’ll be able to unlock piñata attire too.

Now it’s time to run through the overall Season Rewards plus each season’s highlights.

FORZA HORIZON 5, SERIES 5, Series Rewards

As it is, earning points over all four seasons will help to unlock rewards for the entire Series Festival.

Collecting 80 points will earn the exclusive ‘Forza Edition’ of the Mini ’65. This particular model is all-new to the Forza Horizon series. 160 points earned will get you the ‘legendary’ Porsche 917 LH.


The summer wet season playlist has the exclusively ‘epic’ KTM X-Bow GT4 earned at 20 points. This car returns to the fold from Forza Horizon 4. At 40 points, the ‘legendary Pagani Zonda C can be yours.

Forza Horizon 5, Series 5 Festival Playlist, Summer Challenges 01

Moving on to the actual tasks at hand, the playlists are more PR Stunt focused, as mentioned above, as to not make every playlist monotonous going forward. The Photo Challenge in this season is #PRTAAAYTIME and involves taking a picture of the Horizon Rush stage. That will earn you an ‘epic’ Horizon Rush Tee.

Other possible rewards in this season includes five ‘epic’ cars. Completing The Trial gets a Gymkhana 10 Focus, while other events can get you an Aventador ’12, a #777 Corvette, a Hoonigan Group A and a 720S Spider. Also, in that “Horizon Parade” mentioned before, you can unlock a ‘legendary’ Green Piñata Outfit.


Switching over to the autumn storm season, 20 points will get you a ‘rare’ Toyota 4Runner and 40 points will get you a ‘legendary’ Ferrari FXX K. The 4Runner is another new-to-Forza vehicle.

The Escape eventlab can win you a ‘legendary’ Green Piñata Head. Two other ‘epic’ pieces of clothing, a Black Danger Sign Tee and the Black Speed Trap Tee are also obtained in Autumn. However, if cars are more your flavor, a ‘common’ AMC Gremlin and an ‘epic’ #88 RTR Mustang are also on the table.

There is a Treasure Hunt in this playlist, aptly named the “Incey Wincey SPYDER” which we’ll get the details on when it becomes available. The Photo Challenge here, #WINGIT, involves taking a pic of a 2019 Zenvo TSR-S at the Metal Bird Danger Sign.


Moving into the winter dry season, earning 20 points will win an ‘epic’ Noble M600, which is returning from Forza Horizon 4. The 40 point prize is a ‘legendary’ Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

The Krazy Karts eventlab continues the trend of Piñata Heads, this ‘legendary’ one coming in Orange. If you smash 15 dinosaur piñatas, you’ll get an Orange Piñata Outfit. An ‘epic’ Black Speed Zone Tee is also won during this season.

For cars, there are three ‘epic’ rewards to get. The Meyers Manx, the Lambo LM 002 and the Ferrari F355 are all gotten here. The Photo Challenge here is #STUNTPARADISE and involves a picture of any Hoonigan at the Stadium Stunt Park.


Finally in spring, the hot season, the two rewards are both ‘epic’. Earning 20 points will get you a Nissan GT-R Nismo ’20, which was teased in a word puzzle on social media a few weeks ago. The 40 point reward is a Honda Civic ’84.

Winter’s eventlab challenge is a Horizon Rush Touge-style circuit which earns an ‘epic’ Black Drift Zone Tee. Another piece of clothing can also be won in another challenge, an ‘epic’ White Trailblazer Finish Tee.

In the unlockable car category, you can win a ‘rare’ Subaru WRX ’08, a ‘legendary’ Bugatti T35 C, and a ‘Forza Edition’ of a Pagani Huayra.

There will be another Treasure Hunt in the Spring involving an Acura, and the Photo Challenge here is #ITSATRAP. Star Wars fans might appreciate that reference, as the Forza link reward is also themed as such – “It Is The Way.” In order to complete this, you’ll need to capture a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R at the Pantano Pass Speed Trap.

Check out the full Let’s ¡GO! episode below!

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