Select popular tracks have been updated on rFactor 2

Select popular tracks have been updated on rFactor 2

Daytona, Lime Rock, Monza, Sebring and Silverstone have all been updated in the latest release from Studio 397 for rFactor 2.

While the next quarterly release for rFactor 2 isn’t due until May, there were some updates dropped on Monday (21st March) for some of the more popular tracks that needed the attention.

Daytona, Lime Rock, Monza, Sebring and Silverstone have all been tweaked in the latest update from Studio 397, and for the most part, it’s all quality of life fixes for the venues.

While Daytona, the newest track on the rFactor 2 servers, has the most fixes and attention in this update, the other four will benefit with mostly visual updates. Some of the tracks have some AI improvements while others have other necessary fixes. All in all, some necessary adjustments that could be released before the big update in May.

If you didn’t already know as well, the next season is on its way for the rFactor 2 competition system. Last night (20th March) the Race of the Season capped off the old one with a 45-minute event in the BWM M4 GT3 at Daytona, won by Turkka Hakkinen. Until the new season begins, rFactor 2 racers can enjoy the fun week at hand.

Check out all of the update notes for each track listed below. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the release stated there will be something to be surprised about next week, so we’ll keep our eyes out for that. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep it pinned.


Daytona International Speedway V1.15

  • Improved Oval AI pit entry, prevent from brushing wall at T2 & T4, fixed occasional braking over Start Finish line and reduced chance of passing on yellow line during turns.
  • Improved RC AI at T1 and Bus stop.
  • Fixed Floating Marshal Inside RC T1.
  • Fixed some minor verge issues.
  • Fixed some issues with safety vehicles.
  • Optimized track side RVs with reduced poly count.
  • Optimization of RaceSurfaces for possible performance gains.
  • Removed Full Course Yellow settings from GDB files.

Lime Rock Park V3.05

  • Improved AI behaviour on all layouts, including pit entry behaviour.
  • Added Anti Cut Curbs at first chicane.
  • Fixed distance marker texture brightness.
  • Fixed minor verge issue near paddock exit.
  • Fixed Flag being rendered without poles.
  • Minor foliage & terrain material tweaks.
  • Minor adjustment to sky lighting.
  • Packed RRSHD & CBASH for improved loading times.

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza V1.33

  • Improved AI Behaviour on all layouts.
  • Slight refinements to Foliage materials.
  • Updated Start Finish Tower Materials.
  • Packed RRSHD & CBASH for improved loading times.

Sebring International Raceway V1.33

  • Fixed pit entry markers not visible on low settings.
  • Slightly less strict track cut settings.
  • Fixed an issue with ambient lighting resulting in over-exposed clouds.
  • Packed RRSHD and CBASH for faster track loading.

Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit V2.15

  • Fixed Pit Out Lights on Old Pits layouts.
  • Fixed Historic Layout cameras, so they have cameras correct for the pit lane.
  • Adjusted Crowd billboarding settings.
  • Minor Terrain Material Adjustments.
  • Standardized Layout Names.
  • Fixed various minor collision inconsistencies between visual settings.
  • Packed RRSHD and CBASH for faster track loading.

Featured image thanks to Studio 397

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