Season 3 of SnowRunner out now, includes many new additions

SnowRunner Season 3

SnowRunner fans, assemble! Or, you know, just visit an online store and download something. Whatever you fancy…

Season 3 of the popular off-roading game is out now, subtitled ‘Locate & Deliver’. It includes a brand-new region, Wisconsin USA, to complete multiple logging challenges – helping repair a train-loading station. Watch out for those mobile power generators though, there’s only a finite amount to use.

The pack includes three new trucks:

  • International Paystar Twin Steer
  • Pacific P512 PF
  • Boar 45318
SnowRunner Season 3 Logging

In addition to the new 8km² area – which is split into the two parts, Grainwoods River and Black Badger Lake – and the new vehicles, customisation skins and trinkets are included.

The new content costs £5.79/$6.99 on PlayStation and £5.49 on PC, or is included as part of the SnowRunner Season Pass. It has launched across PS4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store at the same time.

For those who play the game but don’t own the Season Pass, this update also provides a series of new trials, new logging missions using the base-game maps and new vehicle stickers for all players. Oh, and curtains. How could we forget the free curtains?!

Have you tried SnowRunner yet? As we write this it just so happens to be in the Epic Games PC Showcase Sale – maybe now is the time to pick it up? Let us know in the comments below.

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