Spa Francorchamps Released for rFactor2

Spa Franchorchamps for rFactor 2
Copyright – Studio 397

The hardcore simulation platform of rFactor2 became even more in-depth today with the release of one of the world’s most popular tracks.

After drip feeding screenshots and teasers for what feels like forever it finally hit the steam store for purchase. Priced at £8.05, it’s not the cheapest racing game content you can get your hands on but it is favourable compared to the equivalent track on iRacing.

Featuring laser-scanning and the latest PBR (Physics Based Rendering) technology in the model, this is almost certainly rFactor’s createst track creation to date.

Although the rFactor 2 platform (and its predecessor) was built with modding in mind to mitigate the high costs of car and track licencing, since taking over the project, Studio 397 have been churning out increasing levels of DLC.

Members of the rFactor 2 community, what do you think about the new track? How do you feel about Studio 397’s focusing on DLC creation?

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