rFactor 2 adds new version of its stock car

Thomas Harrison-Lord
rFactor 2 SC2018x Stock Car Racing announcement

Fans of stock car racing are in for a nice surprise, as rFactor 2 has added an updated stock car to its roster. Dubbed the SC2018x, the new car represents the second tier of the Stock Car series within the simulator.

rFactor 2 SC2018x Stock Car Racing front

The V8-powered, 650 hp, beast is a free addition to the game for anyone who subscribes to the rFactor 2 Steam Workshop and is available right now. The vehicle includes a suite of new and improved liveries, enhanced audio tweaks and, perhaps most promisingly, new handling characteristics.

The existing, Gen 6 Cup car, Stock Car 2018 remains in the game too. The SC2018x keeps the same basic design as the original, but with some headlight updates. There will be an all-new 3D model for the car to distinguish it further at some point down the line. It runs with 100 hp less than the existing model.

rFactor 2 SC2018x Stock Car Racing

To facilitate closer oval racing, the new addition has increased left side weight when in that setup configuration, alongside aerodynamic tweaks to change the balance when running in dirty air.

Developer Studio 397 is in the process of being purchased and has been confirmed to be working on the next NASCAR game, so this update is even more interesting…

The full detailed update notes for the vehicle are below and let us know via social media if you’ll be taking it for a spin.

rFactor 2 SC2018x update notes

  • New: 650 HP Engine
  • New: More left side weight
  • New: Templates created to give a different visual with the noses of the cars
  • New: All-new paint schemes
  • New: Updated sounds (Inside and outside remixed)
  • New: Dirty Aero update, balanced the downforce to react more in a more realistic way
  • Fixed: Smoothing issues on car bodies
  • Fixed: Aero in dirty air, increasing stability and reducing ‘loose’ car behaviour
  • Updated: Superspeedway draft package update
  • Updated: Default road course setup
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