Buck Up And Drive!

Retro arcade racer Buck Up And Drive! demo now available

Retro arcade racer Buck Up And Drive! Demo now available

Buck Up And Drive! is shaping up to be rather unique. An independently developed game created by Fábio Fontes, it features a distinct aesthetic, gameplay infused outlandish drifting and procedurally generated tracks.

Oh, and a 1v1 fight mode. As in Tekken. Or Street Fighter. In cars.

This game screams fun, in fact, the official game description states: “a total slap in the face of realism. And a kick in the spleen, too!”

It looks to have turned the arcade racing genre up to 11, with backflips and even a level on the moon – because 2021. Sometimes the world needs crazy, and this game’s USP is ‘crazy’. There is also car customisation with support for custom decals.

Buck Up And Drive! moon fight mode

The full game is currently scheduled for release in August 2021 on PC and a demo is now available for Windows and Ubuntu users via itch. It includes one car and five environments, including the attention-grabbing fight mode.

We’ll be keeping our eye on this game as it nears release, stay tuned for more soon.

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