RaceRoom’s simulation racing truck is now available

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The big beast is now available for RaceRoom, including a 16-speed gearbox and a water-cooled braking system.
RaceRoom's simulation racing trucks are now available

Following an initial reveal and detailed video previews, a racing truck is now available for the PC-simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience.

While this is not a licenced model, or tied to a real-world series officially, it has been closely recreated along the lines of something seen in motorsport.

That means a 16-speed gearbox – in super-serious sim land, this could be one exception where using automatic gear shifts is acceptable – a new water-cooled baking system and 1,100 hp. But, also, 5,300 kg of weight and an electronically limited top speed of 160 km/h.

RaceRoom Truck

The water tank only has 200 litres, however, so over longer races, you must balance your brake temperatures. An automatic cooling option is available.

There’s no doubt these will be a unique driving experience, with only Automobilista 2 offering something similar in contemporary simulation (albeit with different technical specifications) plus the more accessible FIA European Truck Racing Championship game.

A free test drive of the truck is available, and the base price is £3.46/$4.08. However, there are additional liveries available, either separately or as a complete pack, which in turn has a discount if purchased at the same time as the truck.

It’s available right now, 21st November 2022, for the free-to-enter platform and all the pricing information is listed below.

RaceRoom Truck pricing

  • RaceRoom Truck – £3.46/$4.08
  • RaceRoom Truck full livery pack – £6.75/$7.97
  • RaceRoom Truck individual livery price – £0.25/$0.30
  • RaceRoom Truck livery pack discount when purchased with the vehicle – £3.46/$4.09
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