RaceRoom Racing Experience releases moderate August patch

Justin Melillo
Major updates on the horizon for RaceRoom

A moderately-sized update is available for RaceRoom Racing Experience as of 16th August. I say it’s a moderate patch because it is a 3 GB download for the update, but the changelog is rather light considering. It depends, more or less, on how much content you own.

The majority of the fixes come in the form of track improvements. AI drivers were improved at Chang, Macau, Ningbo and Spa. Zandvoort and Zhejiang had holes in the track that were patched. Bilster Berg and Brands Hatch improved their curbs.

DTM 1992 and Hillclimb Icons have added spark emitters, and a slew of fixes for the Multiplayer, the HUD and other features were implemented.

The full changelog from the Steam page is below for the free-to-play-with-premium-add-ons simulator from Sector 3 Studios. Check it out and let us know what you think about the changes.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Client v0.9.3.019 Changelog:

  • Download size = 3 GB
  • Client version =
  • Client BuildID = 7190019
  • Dedi version = 76.0.1320
  • Dedi BuildID = 7184930
  • DTM 2020 – Cleared leaderboard lap times following DRS modifications
  • DTM 1992 – Added spark emitters
  • Hillclimb Icons – Added spark emitters
  • Multiplayer – Fixed a case where the client side could sometimes fail to transition to next session
  • Multiplayer – Fixed an issue in spectator mode where switching from one camera group to another would fail and switch focus to the car that first joined the server
  • Electric Engines – Fixed battery consumption issues as well as some negative torque outputs in certain situations
  • HUD – Improvement on projection of nametags above opponent cars, their flickering and their relative position when using non default field of view settings.
  • Standing Start – Removed a high tolerance to vehicle movement prior to a standing start that would result in no penalty handed to players jumping the start by a couple meters.
  • Bilster Berg – Changed material properties of curbs
  • Brands Hatch – Fixed a curb at the exit of turn 1 that could damage suspensions
  • Chang (Buriram) – AI improvements
  • Macau – AI improvements
  • Ningbo – AI improvements
  • Spa-Francorchamps – AI improvements around the pit entrance of the GP layout
  • Zandvoort – Fixed a hole spotted near a rescue vehicle that could see cars falling through the world
  • Zhejiang – Fixed a hole spotted in a remote location that could see cars falling through the world
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