‘Post-Apocalyptic’ KEO multiplayer heads to Steam Early Access 9th December

'Post-Apocalyptic' KEO multiplayer heads to Steam Early Access 9th December

We’ve got a fun looking game to talk about today, filed under “multiplayer vehicular combat”, and it’s launching into Early Access on Steam next month. Developed by Redcatpig with the publishing handled by Digital Matters Publishing, KEO is looking to launch in full sometime in 2022.

This particular title looks to be an amalgamation of Twisted Metal mixed with GRIP. The plot of the series is that it’s the post-apocalyptic world, a “nuclear wasteland” where players will be racing, crashing, and destroying the competition.

'Post-Apocalyptic' KEO multiplayer heads to Steam Early Access 9th December

Per the Steam page, players will be racing RC-styled cars that be customized with their weapons of choice for a number of different racing modes included. Some of the competitions are team-based, with some modes being who gets most kills and other modes being who gets the most points. Oh yeah, you can race these destroyers as well.

Deathmatch and Domination are two of the named game modes outside of the general racing that will be included. There are six different vehicle classes and 24 different weapons at this time including missile launchers, EMP grenades, plasma beams and landmines.

There have already been “regular” beta tests for the upcoming game, as well as a short beta period where nearly a million users were able to add the game by requesting access on the Steam page. Official Steam Early Access for KEO starts 9th December with a full launch coming in “early 2022.”

We’ll keep a lookout for more information on KEO as it becomes available. Let us know what you think about this destructive driving experience in the comments below.

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