Porsche Coanda Esports announces inaugural ESL R1 lineup

Justin Melillo
The Porsche Coanda Esports Team will be in the ESL R1 series and their drivers were announced on Monday (23rd January) for the inaugural season.
Porsche Coanda Esports announces inaugural ESL R1 lineup

Rennsport, and the newly-formed ESL R1 series that will be on the Rennsport platform, have both been taking the professional sim racing world by storm lately.

Today alone (23rd January) had a slew of announcements which included competing teams, and one of those teams have gone as far as announcing their entire lineup for the upcoming inaugural season. That would be Porsche’s factory Esports team, the Porsche Coanda Esports Team, and to nobody’s surprise, they’ll have an awfully familiar lineup as the ESL R1 season gears up to start in February.

Porsche’s four official esports works drivers will be in the lineup. That includes Mitchell deJong in the #48, Mack Bakkum in the #16, their newest member Dayne Warren in the #57, and perhaps one of the most decorated sim racers across multiple platforms of racing, Joshua Rogers will be in the iconic #92.

Backing up the team will be two reserves from the Coanda Esports pipeline, both Charlie Collins and Zac Campbell will be on standby throughout the inaugural season.

Both reserve drivers are also qualified to race in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup over on iRacing this season, as is Warren, but it is still unknown which drivers will be (and won’t be) in the iRacing series that starts 4th February as a driver’s list has not been made public.

Last year we saw deJong, Bakkum and the two-time PESC champion Rogers all back out of the iRacing World Championship series due to “all the developments in the simracing world at the moment” which we can probably now assume has led us to both the Rennsport and the ESL R1 Series announcements in the last year.

The 2023 Le Mans Virtual Series winners, Porsche Coanda Esports # 20 LMP
The 2022-23 Le Mans Virtual Series Championship-winning #20 Porsche Coanda Esports team included Joshua Rogers and Mitchell deJong.

A potent team regardless of the sim, Porsche Coanda was also just crowned the overall LMP champions for the entirety of the 2022-23 Le Mans Virtual Series with their #20 LMP entry, which was driven over the course of the season by Rogers, deJong and Campbell with Bakkum and Warren over in the #23 for the finale.

We will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for even more driver and team pairings as we get closer to the start of the inaugural ESL R1 season. Many more big names in sim racing are expected to land deals with some of the biggest names in all of esports. Keep it pinned!

Porsche Coanda ESL R1 driver line-up

  • #48 Mitchell deJong
  • #16 Mack Bakkum
  • #57 Dayne Warren
  • #92 Joshua Rogers
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