Polaris vehicles hitting PUBG: Mobile

Polaris vehicles hitting PUBG Mobile

Licenced real-world vehicle content is headed to battle royale title PUBG: Mobile in the form of Polaris SxS’.

PUBG Mobile may not be a racing game, it’s a battle royale shooter instead, but it does have driveable vehicles, and now licence drivable vehicles too.

Off-road vehicle manufacturer Polaris is entering the battleground, with two side-by-sides.

The RZR Pro R 4 and RZR Turbo R 4 are in the game from Tuesday 16th January, alongside a third Polaris-themed buggy.

“We are excited to introduce our vehicles to new audiences and can’t wait to see how players use the Polaris RZR in-game models to dominate the competition on the battleground,” said Holly Spaeth, Vice President Corporate Branding and Partnerships at Polaris.

PUBG Mobile Polaris

Up to 100 players parachute into the open world, so if you’d like to drive one of the new Polaris vehicles, you’ll also have to be just as skilled with your sneaking and shooting abilities as driving.

This followed the electric Rimac Nevera being licenced content within the spin-off title PUBG: NEW STATE in January last year.

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