PlayStation VR2 is a 4K headset with eye-tracking and rumble for PS5

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PlayStation VR2 is a 4K headset with eye-tracking and rumble for PS5

Sony has revealed further details about its next-generation virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, and while we are yet to know what the device looks like, its price or release date, the technical details are initially impressive.

The PlayStation VR2 is the official title of the upcoming device, that uses a new PlayStation VR2 Sense controller – previously unveiled in March, but now with a name. Much like the DualSense controller, it features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

PlayStation VR2 Sense controller
PlayStation VR2 Sense controller for PS5

The headline specification for the headset is 4K resolution with HDR, thanks to an OLED display delivering 2000×2040 resolution per eye and frame rates of either 90 or 120Hz.

The existing PlayStation VR unit, for reference, launched back in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and delivered 960×1080 pixels per eye, so the VR2 offers a significant leap in visual fidelity on paper. The field of view has increased too, from 100° to 110°.

As previously discussed, the new unit uses inside-out tracking and ditches the PlayStation Move controller that the first PS VR device was known for, making the VR2 in line with VR devices such as the Meta Quest 2. It makes use of four cameras and a six-axis motion-sensing system to track head placement.

PlayStation VR 2016
The 2016 PlayStation VR for PS4

The new setup for PS5 also includes Eye Tracking, providing the opportunity for eye movements to create an input alongside head movements. This sounds reminiscent of the TrackIR system that is available for PC and works with several racing simulators but is built inside a VR headset. The PC-based VIVE Pro Eye also allows for similar functions.

Another intriguing feature is “PS VR2 Sense Technology”, which means a single built-in vibration motor for a form of physical feedback. Of course, 3D audio is built-in, much as it was with the original PS VR, which when utilised correctly, can be a significant part of the sensory overload experienced in the virtual space.

“Players will feel subtle, responsive, vibrations that heighten the sensations of their in-game actions,” said Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO.

It sounds as if the VR2 is not wireless, with a “single cable connected directly to PS5” required – however this also means there’s no additional processor box like on the PS4 setup, which was always a ginormous faff.

There were several racing game experiences on the 2016 PS VR such as GT Sport, WipEout Omega Collection and the criminally underrated DRIVECLUB VR, but the device never felt powerful enough for developers outside of Sony to create an engrossing driving experience.

DRIVECLUB VR on PlayStation VR
DRIVECLUB VR on the OG PlayStation VR

While there has been zero mention of Gran Turismo 7 utilising VR2 at this point, our hopes are high for something further down the line or perhaps other racing titles making use of the new device. An exclusive non-racing title has been announced so far, Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

This latest information dump came from Sony at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) currently ongoing in Las Vegas, with no one being able to try the device. As ever with VR, the final gameplay experience is key, so we’re looking forward to more information about this new PS5 device over the coming months. You can also check out what we think are the best racing VR experiences on PC.

PlayStation VR2 for PS5 key features

  • 4K resolution, 2000×2040 per eye, HDR, OLED display
  • One-cable setup with no processor box
  • Four cameras for headset and controller tracking
  • ​IR camera for eye tracking per eye
  • Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)​
  • Adjustable lens separation
  • Built-in microphone
  • Stereo headphone jack and USB Type-C
  •  PS VR2 Sense – one vibration motor and 3D audio

Source: PlayStation Blog

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