Playsport Games announces Motorsport Manager Mobile 4

The mobile racing management title from Playsport Games has a fourth iteration of the title coming soon, Motorsport Manager 4.

The racing management title, Motorsport Manager, is getting a fourth edition from developer Playsport Games. It’s the first numbered release for mobile gamers since Motorsport Manager 3 released in 2018.

Details are very scarce. All we know is that there will be a pre order coming soon. The rest, well, there’s not much to decipher from the 10-second clip posted on X/Twitter besides the fact that they count up to the number four. The @PlayMotorsport account also teased this four days ago which was a decent giveaway.

Motorsport Manager has been around for nearly a decade now, the first iteration releasing back in 2014 on iOS devices, releasing on Android a year later.

They’ve had the three numbered titles, the latest one including Augmented Reality (AR). There’s also a free online version that exists for 2023 on mobile, as well as a Steam PC edition (2016) and a Nintendo Switch edition (2019).

In the comments of the X/Twitter posting, we can also confirm that it will release for Android and iOS devices. When that is, well, we await word. Basically, short story shorter, Motorsport Manager 4 exists and we’ll find out more later, I guess.

SOURCE: Playsport Games

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