Pinchcliffe Grand Prix heading to Switch, Steam on 4th November

Justin Melillo

A new-ish game is coming to both Steam via PC and the Nintendo Switch on 4th November. The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix game that launches next month can classify in many different distinctions.

It’s based on a famous Norwegian film, it’s a “spiritual successor” to a previous launched PC / Nintendo DS game of the same name, and it’s a mixed racing and mini game adventure, sort of like if you mixed together Mario Party with Mario Kart.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, also known as the Flåklypa Grand Prix, has been recreated utilizing the Unreal Engine. The new release features all of the classic characters and cars from the Pinchcliffe universe.

The races will be “breathtakingly” fast and the story mode will follow the events of the movie. Those Mini Games will be based on the movie as well, enabling players to build the car from the movie, Il Tempo Gigante.

Now, I won’t spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it yet. Honestly, I kind of spoiled the movie for myself in researching the topic as this is news to me as well.

There is a little background from the press release, however. Theodore is an inventor and his animal friends Lambert and Sonny live with him. They build that really fast Il Tempo Gigante car to win the big race.

The movie is a stop motion film and is one of the most widely seen Norwegian films of all time. The previous iterations of the game sold over 380,000 copies in Norway alone. This is a pretty niche game for Norwegian folks, so I’d expect it to do well there again.

The game will be published by Zordix Publishing, co-produced by Rock Pocket Games and developed by Ravn Studio and Invictus Games. It was teased back in July, but now the team has decided on an official release date for both platforms.

There is no price yet, but keep an eye out for it on Nintendo’s eShop and the Steam store over the next few weeks. It’s different, but hey, we’re all about different here at Traxion. Let us know what you think of this fun looking game in the comments down below!

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