P1 Sim’s Mistral sim pedals are both hydraulic and haptic

Thomas Harrison-Lord
We’ve seen haptic feedback integrated into sim racing pedals, and we’ve see hydraulic systems too, but not in one package at this price point.
P1 Sim's Mistral sim pedals are hydraulic and haptic, starts €540

Following its range of sim racing steering wheels, P1 Sim has entered the pedal market with its first-ever set – the Mistral.

The main feature here is haptic feedback, plus the option of combining that with a hydraulic system, all for a price that undercuts most of the direct PC equipment competition.

P1 Sim Mistral pedals, integrated haptics
The haptic feedback system is build within the pedal unit, a first

The haptic motor is integrated within both the brake and throttle pedals regardless of which Mistral model is selected. This is opposed to a visible exterior add-on as seen in some other systems or the need for a dramatically different base plate.

It’s used to simulate anti-locking braking systems and the sensation of traction control kicking in. The intensity levels can be adjusted through the natively supported SimHub software.

P1 Sim Mistral pedals sim racing

The Mistral pedals use a diecast CNC aluminium frame with a powder-coated finish and matte carbon fibre pedal plates. The pedals can be affixed to existing base plates, or an optional carbon fibre version is available in both two and three-pedal configurations from P1 Sim. All versions include heel rests.

Speaking of which, the set comes with a throttle and a brake to start with, or with a clutch pedal from new and the latter is also available as an optional addition. Hall sensors are used to detect pedal position and the clutch features an integrated pulley.

P1 Sim Mistral pedal hydraulic system 02

The entry-level model includes a 200kg load cell brake pedal, while the hydraulic version uses a 200 bar pressure sensor thanks to a ‘hybrid’ mixture of rubber and compressed air. A lack of oil should make for more straightforward maintenance.

The load cell version (MC-LC) starts from €540 (ex VAT) while the hydraulic edition (MC-H+) is €665 (ex VAT) for the two-pedal package. The clutch retails for €207.50 (ex VAT) and the hydraulic upgrade will be available separately for those who initially plump for the load cell.

While other hydraulic and haptic systems exist – such as Asetek SimSports’ hydraulic Invicta or Simucube’s haptic ActivePedal – they tend to be a leap upwards in price, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Simagic bundle for less.

P1 Sim Mistral pedals, colours

The French manufacturer also offers six different colours for the pedals including purple, grey and yellow. Shipments begin on 1st November 2023, with the hydraulic system expected in 2024.

We’re keen to test out the Mistrals soon, and those who visit the ADAC SimRacing Expo can do just that later this week.

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