CarX Street

Open-world racer CarX Street shapes up in new images

Open-world racer CarX Street shapes up in new images

The ever-developing CarX Street seems to be marching forward, as developer CarX Technologies has released new sets of in-game screenshots.

The open-world racing game is by the team that brought you CarX Drift Racing Online and a host of CarX mobile driving titles. It was initially planned for an Early Access release in November 2021, but that has been pushed back until September 2022.

CarX Street Sunset City city street racing

As the creators further advance with the title, bit by bit, new images appear.

In this latest set, we see the vast diversity the Sunset City environment has to offer. There’s what looks to be a street race in a build-up metropolis area, and then something that looks akin to Touge on a Japanese mountain road.

CarX Street Sunset City hill region

Across the new image dump, there appear to be different times of day – some appearing to be at night – and a mix of non-licenced, but very familiar, tuner vehicles. With CarX Drift Racing Online placing a significant emphasis on tuning and visual customisation, expect the same here too.

CarX Street Sunset City gameplay

While new pictures are being released on a weekly basis at present, details are scant at present. When it comes to gameplay options, progression systems and multiplayer integration, we’re none the wiser.

But, it’s worth remembering there are several months before its launch, so we’ll hopefully find out more soon.

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