Noah ‘Lefty’ Sweet joins Traxion as featured paint scheme artist

Justin Melillo
Noah 'Lefty' Sweet joins Traxion as featured paint scheme artist

The Traxion team continues to grow, and now we’ve added another car artist (CARtist, perhaps?) to our collection of content creators. Noah Sweet, known by his moniker ‘Lefty’, the owner of his own startup ‘Lefty Designs’, is joining the Traxion.GG community as one of our featured paint scheme artists.

NASCAR fans may know Lefty from his work on a number of different paint schemes that have been shared hundreds of thousands of times over social media. While most of his work is either sim-related or for fun, some of his work has made it to the real racetrack. This season alone has seen multiple schemes created and contributed on by Lefty for NASCAR Driver Landon Cassill.

Last season, he worked on a special scheme for Seven-Time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson which ran at Texas Motor Speedway. A car he nicknamed Zeus for the lightning-shaped design on the livery, the opportunity to work with the No. 48 Ally team came after a negative situation was turned into a positive one.

After posting a scheme on social media of Johnson’s normal Ally Camaro but with the colors replaced to support LGBTQ pride, it was met by an unnecessary amount of cyberbullying.

Noah was able to overcome the hate and continue with his passion for creating art. Not too long after, he was noticed by Ally’s Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer Andrea Brimmer. After the two connected and Lefty was able to meet his hero Johnson through Zoom, plans were hatched to give him an opportunity of a lifetime.

Nowadays, you might find the hashtag #HeyLefty floating around on Twitter. After all of his recent successes, he wanted to give back to the rest of the racecar painting community who were also looking to break through on to the scene.

Other designers will add #HeyLefty to their posts and Noah will usually share it to his more than 10,000 followers on Twitter. It’s a gesture that both gives back and builds a stronger bond among those designing in that scope of work.

Moving up to work with Traxion is something that Noah is very much looking forward to. “My plans are to hopefully bring a new flavor to the look and feel of the Traxion image,” Lefty said. “Whenever there’s a selection for you to choose from, its important to have a variety.”

Check out the first ever Traxion.GG NASCAR NEXT Gen Camaro painted by Lefty Designs. This scheme is available to download on Trading Paints if you are interested in racing it on the iRacing platform.

There’s more still to come from this talented artist over here at Traxion. Follow Lefty on Twitter at @lefty_designs and on Instagram at leftydesigninsta. Keep it pinned for more Lefty x Traxion content!

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