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Nissan cars headed to Automobilista 2 soon

Nissan cars headed to Automobilista 2 soon

Three motorsport-derived Nissans are headed to Automobilista 2 in an upcoming update, including a 24 Hours of Le Mans podium finisher.

After an extended wait, Japanese car manufacturer and Autombilista 2 developers Reiza Studios have agreed that licenced Nissan content can be released for the PC simulation.

Three new-to-Automobilista 2 cars are on the way, spreading across several decades of competition:

  • Nissan R89C
  • Nissan R390 GT1
  • Nissan GT-R GT3 2017

Arriving during the height of the Group C sportscar regulations, the R89C raced in 1989 with a whopping 950bhp. It never found much success, sadly, mainly due to unreliability.

Automobilista 2, Nissan R89C

The R390, on the other hand, was reliable, but perhaps lacks outright speed. One did manage to finish on the 24 Hours of Le Mans podium in 1998, however, during another golden era for the sport. Developers by British outfit TWR, it actually shares a platform with the early ’90s Jaguar XJ15.

Automobilista 2, Nissan R390 GT1

Lastly, the GT-R is another GT3 car for the platform, this being the pre-facelift 2017 specification.

Automobilista 2, Nissan GT-R GT3 2017

The specific release date for these cars is not yet clear, the news post on the Reiza forums simply states:

“Nissan is finally making their debut in AMS2 in the next update.”

Three downloadable content packs will launch before the end of December 2022, in the form of a Historical Track Pack, a Supercars Pack and a Brazilian Racing Legends Pack that includes classic Formula 1 cars.

All images and information: Reiza Studios forum

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