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Automobilista 2’s Historical Track Pack Pt1 includes Estoril, Bathurst and Jerez

Automobilista 2's Historical Track Pack Pt1 includes Estoril, Bathurst and Jerez

Three classic layouts of legendary circuits will add to Automobilista 2’s already impressive historical line-up when a new DLC pack lands later this month.

Three new, well old, variants of classic race circuits are headed to Automobilista 2 in a new paid downloadable content pack – and it’s set for launch before the end of December 2022.

The Historical Track Pack Pt1 will launch alongside Supercars Pt1 and Brazilian Racing Legends car additions.

  • Cascais 1988
  • Jerez 1988
  • Bathurst 1983

Cascais is a licencing workaround for a circuit commonly known as Circuito Estoril. Used by Formula 1, DTM, MotoGP and GT racing over the years, the 1988 layout has a flowing opening two corners and the Tanque turn instead of the twisty Gancho hairpin added in 1994.

Automobilista 2, Estoril Cascais 1988

Jerez, meanwhile, remains a popular MotoGP venue, and alongside F1 races, is perhaps best known as a testing venue. Its modern layout remains remarkably similar to its very first, although the fifth corner is significantly different from the 1988 variant.

Automobilista 2, Jerez 1988

Finally, ‘Bathurst’, which is actually called Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit in the real world. Back in 1983, Conrod Straight was just that, straight. The Chase, as Mark Shaife likes reminding us is the fastest corner in Australian motorsport, but it’s not present in this layout.

One of the platform’s core strengths is historical content, be that cars or forgotten tracks. These three will also sit alongside a 1971 version of the Nürburgring, although that is separate DLC launching in 2023.


There’s no firm release date yet, other than ‘December 2022’.

The Historical Track Pack Pt1 will cost $9.99/€9.99. Owners of ‘2020-2022 Season Pass’ and ‘Premium Expansion Pack’ will receive all these cars at no additional cost. Any follow-up packs, will not be included in these, however, and will be additional purchases for all.

All images and information: Reiza Studios forum

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