New RiMS Racing gameplay shows off Million Dollar Highway

New RiMS Racing gameplay shows off Million Dollar Highway

As we approach the release of motorcycle simulator RiMS Racing, more footage emerges. This time, it’s an on-board gameplay clip of the entire Million Dollar Highway road in the USA.

The game features 10 real-world racing circuits, alongside five real-world roads, this falling into the latter game. Million Dollar Highway is a 323-mile route and is among the trips for bikers in America. The representation in RiMS Racing is a portion of the full road.

The four other road routes are in Norway, Australia, Spain and Italy.

As we ride abord an Aprilia, the experience looks fast and smooth, with slick animations. However, for the final game, we hope to see refinements of the exterior rider movements and AI performance – both notably absent here.

The third of four development diaries has also been released, this time discussing the close relationship with parts suppliers Brembo and new addition Pirelli. Over 500 licenced parts will be in the game, which is the title’s true USP. 

RiMS Racing releases on 19th August on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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