New original car included in Horizon Chase 2 Japan expansion

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Apple Arcade’s hit mobile gamer, Horizon Chase 2, releases first major update featuring a brand-new original car and stunning tracks inspired by real locations in Japan.
Next stop in the World Tour: Japan, part of Horizon Chase 2's latest DLC

For all of our Apple Arcaders, the wide world of Horizon Chase 2 now takes us on a tour of Japan in the latest update, highlighted by Dream – a brand-new original car.

Dream is equipped with three epic bodies and can be customized in six stunning paint jobs. Earn the unique vehicle by completing the entire Japan circuit of races.

Dream includes six customizable paints and three bodies

Aquiris Game Studio announced the new location on 8th December 2022, which is now available for fans of the hit mobile racing game. Experience the beautiful streets of Japan all at you fingertips with nine fresh tracks through high-tech cities, mystic dojos, gorgeous gardens and enchanted forests.

As part of the World Tour campaign, the DLC includes 11 recently developed races comprised of two types: nine regular and two break the boxes races. If you’re unsure what type of race that is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Boxes will litter the track, and you must break them.

Easy peasy, right?

Taking a deeper dive into the stunning circuits, three have been inspired by actual locations in Japan.

Dream, brand new original car, in Horizon Chase 2 Japan expansion

Starting with Akihabara, a district in Tokyo that is famously known for its otaku (diehard fan) culture and endless electronics shops. Arakurayama Sengen Park is a traditional look at temple architecture, contrasted by the majestic Mount Fuji.

Lastly, Lake Mashū boasts the newly improved dynamic weather now achievable within the game. Situated in Akan Mashū National Park, the beautiful body of water is an endorheic crater lake nestled within a caldera of what may even be an active volcano.


  • New Country in World Tour: Japan
  • New Car unlocked for completing Japan: Dream
  • New Master Tournaments: Temples & Towns and Nature’s Might
  • New control options for touch controls for iPhones and iPads
  • Classic & Classic Inverted
  • Auto Accelerate Classic & Auto Accelerate Inverted
  • Auto Accelerate Arrows
  • One new paint has been added to the Playground rewards, to be obtained as the final reward: Level 8: Sleigh Ride, for Bumbá.
  • Car Customization: You can now purchase customizations and equip them directly from the car customization menu.
  • Multiplayer: Players on iOS can now invite other players to their Crew using universal links, a faster way to join a crew.
  • Fixed a bug in which some players did not receive the Tournaments achievements.
  • Fixed a bug in which players had to tap some buttons multiple times to perform their actions on touch devices.
  • Players can now skip the Apple Arcade splash screen after the first session.
  • Minor localization fixes for multiple languages.

Though Horizon Chase 2 is exclusive to Apple Arcade (priced at $4.99/£4.99 per month), PC and console users can get hyped for 2023, as Aquiris plans to release the retro-racer to all major platforms at some point in the new year.

Via Apple Arcade

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