New online features, stages and vehicles will be added to WRC 10

New online features, stages and vehicles will be added to WRC 10

If the launch of WRC 10 wasn’t exciting enough already, creator KT Racing has revealed a post-release content schedule.

Top of the list is a suite of online mode revisions. In October, the online co-driver mode will receive an update. This currently allows you to have one person driving, and another reading out the pacenotes.

WRC 10 game dlc content roadmap

Then in November, the online clubs feature will acquire a new interface. This feature allows you to both create groups or join fellow WRC 10 players and compete in online rallies over a period of time. During various states of lockdown last year, in both WRC 9 and DiRT Rally 2.0, online clubs were a great way of competing against like-minded rally fans for me.

Then in January, online championships arrive, which is all-new for the WRC game series.

As for all online functionality, we only know the changes by name at present, but as soon as we have more details we will of course update you.

Ypres Rally Belgium was a new addition to the real-life WRC schedule this year, and stages for the asphalt event will also arrive in October. More stages for the Greek location – currently only playable within the 50th Anniversary mode – will be added in November.

If online modes and new stages weren’t enough, eight new 50th Anniversary events will join the game across October and November, alongside four new rally cars. Finally, new stickers for the livery editor will complete the updates.

This is a very extensive roadmap of updates and I’m all for that. There is a part of me, however, that felt that elements of WRC 10 felt a little unfinished, even if the overall experience is enjoyable. Hopefully, by January 2022, this feeling will be jettisoned.

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