New Limited Edition Kenworth W900 truck added to American Truck Simulator 

American Truck Simulator has revealed a special 100th Anniversary Edition of the Kenworth W900, as well as a rework of the standard truck.
American Truck Simulator, Kenworth W900 Anniversary Edition

SCS Software has revealed a new content addition to American Truck Simulator and a continuation of its tie-in with US-based truck manufacturer Kenworth.  To celebrate Kenworth’s 100th anniversary, a special Anniversary Edition of its W900 truck has been added to the sim.  

Featuring a slick black and red retro-inspired livery, the standard Kenworth W900 is a conventional cab truck that costs around $220,000 to buy in the real world.  

Kenworth originally began life as a car and truck dealership Gerlinger Motors, formed by brothers George and Lewis Gerlinger. It moved into truck manufacturing soon after, building the popular Gersix truck, which prompted the business’s name change to Gersix Motor Company.  

The business was sold in 1917 and bought by E.K. Worthington and Captain Frederick Kent, who renamed the operation Kenworth in 1923 based on an amalgamation of their surnames. Expansion followed, and the brand remains strong today, diversifying into electric-powered trucks in recent years. 

American Truck Simulator, Kenworth W900 Anniversary Edition

Kenworth W900 remodel for American Truck Simulator 

As well as adding a new limited-edition truck, SCS has also updated and upgraded the standard W900 in-game, adding new options, parts and accessories. 

The revised W900 has three chassis sizes, separate fuel tanks, additional accessories and reworked interior materials, bringing the model up to the game’s recent high graphical standards. 

Are you picking up the new Kenworth W900 Anniversary Edition? Let us know in the comments below. 

American Truck Simulator, Kenworth W900 Anniversary Edition

American Truck Simulator Kenworth W900 Limited Edition features 

  • New long 6×4 chassis painted in red with side markers 
  • New exhaust pipes engraved with the number ‘100’ 
  • New side hood badge logo 
  • New sleeper side badge with Kenworth 100 lettering 
  • New fully painted plate below doors 
  • New paintjob for 86 inch sleeper 
  • New interior version with black dashboard & with red ‘Kenworth 100’ logo 
  • New interior dashboard trim option with metallic look 
  • New leather seats and bench 

American Truck Simulator Kenworth W900 remodel new features 

  • A new front bumper 
  • A new modern rear bumper 
  • New modern rear mudflaps 
  • New modern rear mudguards 
  • New modern front mudflaps 
  • New window rubber seals with chrome trim 
  • New LED hood blinkers 

Via SCS Software

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