New Indianapolis Motor Speedway layouts now available for RaceRoom

New Indianapolis Motor Speedway layouts now available for RaceRoom

Sim racing platform RaceRoom Racing Experience has received yet another new track today (26th January) with the launch of the oval and current road course layouts for Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Indianan venue is located within a town that’s actually called Speedway and is home to the prestigious Indianapolis 500, plus being the former host of the United States Grand Prix. It first opened in 1909.

This new pack includes the current oval, road course and the previous, or ‘historic’, road course layouts. The 2012 Indianapolis Road Course was previously launched for RaceRoom in Grand Prix and Moto layouts, excluding the oval, and remains available.

Oval racing isn’t something RaceRoom is particularly known for, this being only the second oval speedway available for the simulator following Daytona – but Indianapolis now adds to one of the most varied track rosters out there, following Assen earlier this month.

In terms of suitable vehicles, might we recommend the existing Formula RaceRoom US, an open wheeler closely reassembling an IndyCar from circa 2016.

To celebrate the launch, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway pack, which includes all three new layouts, is 50 per cent off for the first week, starting from today. That’s £2.08/$2.81/€2.49. Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to be trying this track soon.

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