New Forza Motorsport will release October, includes Le Mans and Spa

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The details come from the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase, with a new trailer showcasing the menus, user interface and car modification for the first time.
New Forza Motorsport will release October, includes Le Mans and Spa

Alongside the previously announced locations, such as Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Kyalami and Maple Valley, the Forza Motorsport reboot will also see Circuit de la Sarthe and Spa-Francorchamps added to the roster.

The new trailer also shows glimpses of the title’s tuning options for the first time, too.

Two historic venues

Both European circuits are known for endurance racing, a brief shot in the footage shows cars such as the electric Porsche Mission R and Ferrari 488 Challenge scaling the heights of Eau Rouge and Radillon at Spa – a defining corner sequence.

Forza Motorsport, Spa-Francorchamps
Forza Motorsport, Spa-Francorchamps

There’s also a brief shot of the pit straight at Le Mans, fitting really as every location in the game will feature day-to-night cycles, and this is the venue for the punishing 24 Hours of Le Mans event.

Cadillac LMDh GTP Le Mans, Forza Motorsport 2023
Le Mans, Circuit de la Sarthe, Forza Motorsport

This year’s real-world race at the venue was completed today. During the race, viewers on Eurosport were treated to Forza Motorsport advert spots and on-track Xbox banners. The Cadillac V-Series.R (LMDh/GTP) that features in the game finished third overall too. It all fits together nicely.

Alongside these two real-world circuits, there also looks to be a fictional short oval – Eaglerock Speedway.

Eaglerock Speedway, Forza Motorsport
Eaglerock Speedway, Forza Motorsport

Car upgrades first look

Forza Motorsport, the eighth in the series, appears to go with a clean user interface aesthetic – perhaps in response to Forza Motorsport 7’s menu-heavy design. After a brief glimpse of the Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray – revealed earlier this month as a cover star alongside the V-Series.R – we see some tuning menu options.

Porsche 911 992 GT3 Corvette E-ray Forza Motorsport

Items such as air filets, exhausts and transmissions can be upgraded, alongside (like in FM7) engine swaps. Each appears to affect one of four parameters:

  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Handling

These are displayed on a graph, reminding us of older FIFA game player ratings, and there also looks to be an overall car level, in this instance, set to 50. Aerodynamic appendages can also added, in this example an aggressive body kit and rear wing, which also alter performance metrics.

Over 800 car parts are expected, in what sounds like the main focus of the career mode.

Car Upgrade Shop, Forza Motorsport

“I’m thrilled to welcome the Cadillac V-Series.R and Corvette E-Ray to the home of competition,” said Chris Esaki, Creative Director at developer Turn 10.

We’ve also spotted the Lamborghini Revuelto a new mid-engine hybrid supercar, and the latest 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3.

Lamborghini Revuelto, Forza Motorsport 2023

More detailed information about the career mode is expected at a later date, 13th June 2023. Let us know your thoughts about the latest trailer in the comments below.

Forza Motorsport release date

The new Forza Motorsport will release on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam and Xbox App). It will, of course, be part of the Game Pass subscription.

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