The VPG Simlab Elemento Pro is a handmade, automotive-grade, sim racing wheel

Justin Melillo
New Elemento Pro racing wheel available from VPG Simlab

We love new, shiny sim racing products, and today we’re reporting on a wheel by VPG Simlab that our buddy Dave Cam was able to try out. The new product on the market is called the VPG Elemento Pro, a formula-style wheel rim that’s lightweight and has a ton to offer.

VPG is a rather small company from London, England that is made up of a couple of folks named Mike and Manny. They sell two other Elemento-named wheels, the straight-up Elemento and the Elemento S.

This one, the Elemento Pro, is the most expensive of the three, but not the most expensive in their inventory. Their fourth wheel, the V-PF1 comes in at £2,000.00. They also have other sim racing products and wheel accessories available in their online store.

The new Elemento Pro wheel itself has a lot to play with in terms of buttons, knobs and switches. There are nine illuminated buttons that can be programmed. For rotary switches, there are four of them for the thumbs and three of them flat-facing on the front.

There is a funkyswitch that goes four-ways and also works as a pushbutton. All of that fits around the 4.3″ display underneath the 18-LED strip at the top.

On the backside, there are a pair of magnetic paddle shifters as well as a dual-clutch. There is also an option for a third paddle if you desire.

The wheel hub mount fits either 50.8mm or 70mm wheel bases or quick releases, and specifies the Simucube and Fanatec Podium Hub. It connects via USB, so it’s maybe not as neat and tidy as buying a directly connected wheel and base would be.

Also worth noting – the packaging for the Elemento Pro is an industrial-grade hard case to ensure it gets delivered safely. That’s probably not a box you’ll be tossing out when you open it up.

Still, the product has a lot of good going with it. It is automotive grade material, per Dave, and made with CNC’d parts, per the site. Also per the site, the wheel is 300mm in diameter and has a 5mm forged carbon on the front plate, quick release hub and shifter paddles. The grips are injected moulded rubber grips. It’s not cheap, and as such, it doesn’t look or feel cheap either.

It’s available for £1,250.00, but there is a waiting period currently as the wheels are all handmade. As of now, the waiting period is about five to six weeks. Check out Dave’s full review above, and let us know if this type of wheel would be something you’d be interested in down in the comments.

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