New Circuit Superstars Early Access update adds car, dirt track

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Circuit Superstars Update v030

The evolution of Circuit Superstars continues within Early Access, ahead of a full release on PC and console hopefully later this year, with the v.0.3.0 update now live.

A sizeable update, it adds a new car, the Rally Vost. Now, if you throw in some imagination, it doesn’t look too dissimilar to a Volkswagen Polo rally car, but maybe that’s just us. It has wide arches, a big rear wing and comes in four different liveries.

Circuit Superstars Rally Vost

Fittingly, the new Buffalo Hill venue is a mixture of asphalt and dirt, with three different routes, perfect for some rallycross action.

As the game is still in the relatively early stages of release, there are also plenty of other changes to gameplay characteristics too. The main updates hinge around the net code, which aims to deliver smoother online gameplay and collisions.

Circuit Superstars Buffalo Hill

Lastly, there are some UI refinements and cars with slick wheels are now less effective on dirt roads.

With each patch and addition, Circuit Superstars edges closer towards a finished product, and we are enjoying being able to go hands-on as it develops. We’ll have more about the game throughout the year.

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