New bike retrieval showcased in MotoGP 21

Thomas Harrison-Lord
MotoGP 21 bike retrieval

One of the hotly anticipated features for the upcoming MotoGP 21 game is a new bike retrieval animation.

We’ve seen how the long lap penalty and brake temperature mechanics operate in recent reveals, but now we can see what happens should you fall from your motorcycle.

Being a simulation-focussed title these days, falling off the top-class MotoGP bikes in MotoGP 20 was par for the course. In the previous game, your viewpoint would change to the on-board camera, a lifelike effect but then the game would simply cut to you being back up on two wheels again and off you go.

As you can see in the trailer below, that’s all changed for this year.

Now, you have to control your rider, by picking yourself off the ground and running to your forlorn vehicle. Then, when you get to your bike, your rider pushes it up and you can begin racing again.

Recently, John played TrackDayR, a hardcore motorcycle sim currently in Early Access on PC. It uses a similar mechanic, although you have to push the bike up and kick start it, whereas in MotoGP 21 it looks like as soon as you reach the bike, it triggers an animation.

Still, this should add an extra dose of authenticity to the MotoGP gaming experience and we cannot wait to try it ourselves soon. MotoGP 21 is out on 22nd April for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, we’ll have more information as and when we get it.

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