Need for Speed Unbound’s economy and cop evasion showcased

Justin Melillo
The latest Need for Speed Unbound gameplay trailer unveiled some of the mechanics of earning money and avoiding cops in the upcoming release.
Need for Speed Unbound's economy and cop evasion showcased

A new gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Unbound dropped on Tuesday (18th October 2022), dubbed the ‘Risk & Reward’ trailer.

The 86-second video showcases some of the features in the title, including a look at the ways to earn money as well as some of the ways that players will evade the police.

While there’s still much more to learn about the game before it drops at the start of December, we now know some of the mechanics to look out for to succeed in the city of Lakeshore.


Need for Speed Unbound players will always be looking for ways to make “bank”. More money, more problems as Biggie always used to say, so the more players are making and working their way up the ladder, the more the “heat” they’ll find with the Lakeshore PD.

To make the show for The Grand, players will need to both buy in and have the proper car tier to participate. It doesn’t seem like this is experience based, rather just based on cash on hand. It also seems that larger events may take place in stages in different vehicles as well.

“Choose how and when to put it all on the line, pulling huge drifts on the street, outdriving the cops, or placing side bets with your own earnings against rival racers.” These are some of those challenges that players will come across during each calendar day.

The goal being to enter the Weekly Qualifiers, attempting to make it into The Grand. “Time is money, so find the fastest way to earn enough cash to enter the weekly qualifiers and make it to Lakeshore’s ultimate race, The Grand.”


Placing a sidebet against a rival racer will be a great way to earn extra bank. The more wagered, the more that could come into a player’s possession. But, there’s inherent risk, because if the player loses, that bet is lost for good, possibly risking a chance to enter the Weekly Qualifiers sooner.

It doesn’t look like players will need to always challenge Rival Racers, but it’s a fast way to cash in if players have the speed to compete and win.

“There’s money to be made all over Lakeshore City, but there’s risk attached to every reward. Be bold to make Bank.” That likely means the more that’s on the line, the more chance players will have to score big. Taking on higher-tiered rivals will be tougher, but will provide a bigger payout at the end of the day.


The more Heat that the players attract, the more run-ins with the law there will be. There are ways to get above the law and stay unbusted.

Need for Speed Unbound contains “new escape mechanics and places to lay low” from the Lakeshore PD. Mastering all of this will be key to staying out of trouble and keeping money in the bank.

“Pay me what you owe me.” Those escape mechanics will be great for earning even more bank. Riskier escapes will earn more, it seems. Those risks will come with “new foreign cars and pursuit helicopters” to evade as well.

The cops are ruthless enough to even interrupt mid-race! Players will need to stay on their toes throughout their time in Lakeshore to get out of the fire and to the top of the pile in the street racing sphere.

Need for Speed Unbound will release on 2nd December 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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