NASCAR 21: Ignition Playoff Pack DLC includes NASCAR champion Bobby Labonte

Justin Melillo
NASCAR 21: Ignition Playoff Pack DLC includes NASCAR champion Bobby Labonte

The third and final planned DLC pack for NASCAR 21: Ignition is the Playoff Pack DLC, and the final NASCAR legend to be unveiled is NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Labonte. The DLC adds over 80 new paint schemes from the Playoff time-frame from the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, plus a re-imagined take on what Labonte’s famous No. 18 Interstate Batteries scheme would look like on a modern day NASCAR Toyota Camry.

The 2000 NASCAR Cup Series Champion, Labonte is one of the few to have a win in all three top levels of NASCAR competition. Labonte also collected the 1991 NASCAR Xfinity Series championship, and currently works as a driver analyst with FOX Sports. In 2019, Labonte was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame alongside his longtime team owner Joe Gibbs and longtime teammate Tony Stewart.

It’s also worth noting that Labonte has dabbled in sim racing before, mainly known for his time as a relief driver for Joe Gibbs Racing in the No. 19 Camry for Martin Truex Jr during the eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series. Labonte has also competed in multiple races in Monday Night Racing and recently signed on to broadcast one of the Monday Night races alongside fellow NASCAR 21: Ignition legend Darrell Waltrip.

Labonte, Waltrip, Matt Kenseth and Bill Elliott have now all been officially announced as the NASCAR legends in the game.

As far as the rest of the pack, look forward to a ton of schemes from the time when the NASCAR playoffs were taking place. With the proper window banners and contingency stickers to differentiate NASCAR playoff drivers from the rest of the field, schemes from the Round of 16, Round of 12, Round of 8 and Championship 4 are all included.

On top of the playoff schemes, you might find many of the Halloween and other holiday based schemes from the time-frame. Kyle Busch’s M&M’s Halloween car is always a treat to see. Also, cars representing Breast Cancer Awareness that went and pinked out are also found in the list of added paint schemes. Overall, nearly 90 cars were added, and the full list can be found below.

Some schemes are only available for those aged 21 and older if it is set properly in the game settings. Those schemes portray alcoholic content and are designated on the spreadsheet below. If you own the Champion’s Edition of NASCAR 21: Ignition, you merely need to download the new content. If you already own the Season Pass, you’ll be set as well. If you only have the standard edition, there are two ways to get the new DLC.

Players can either get the Season Pass for $29.99, and that will also include the Throwback Pack and the Patriotic Pack. Players can also download the Playoff Pack on its own for $14.99. The Playoff Pack is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and on Steam.

According to the game’s social media channels, there is a current issue with the Throwback Pack DLC schemes not showing up correctly. That issue is hoped to be fixed soon.

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Car #DriverSponsor
1Kurt BuschMonster Energy Playoff (16)
2Brad KeselowskiDiscount Tire Playoff (16)
2Brad KeselowskiWestern Star Playoff (16)
2Brad KeselowskiAutoTrader Playoff (12)
2Brad KeselowskiDent Wizard Playoff (8)
3Austin DillonBass Pro Shops Flannel Fest
3Austin DillonCowboy Channel Christmas
4Kevin HarvickHunt Brothers Pizza Playoff (16)
4Kevin HarvickSubway Playoff (16)
4Kevin HarvickHunt4Busch (21+)
4Kevin HarvickSubway (21+)
4Kevin HarvickBusch Light Playoff (16) (21+)
4Kevin HarvickMobil 1 Playoff (12) (21+)(KF)
5Kyle Playoff (16)
5Kyle Patriotic Playoff (16)
5Kyle LarsonValvoline Playoff (16)
5Kyle LarsonCincinnati Playoff (12)
5Kyle LarsonTarlton Playoff (12)
5Kyle Championship 4 Playoff (4)
6Ryan NewmanGuaranteed Rate
6Ryan NewmanWyndham
6Ryan NewmanKohler Halloween
6Ryan NewmanCastrol GTX
8Tyler ReddickRealtree
8Tyler ReddickLenovo Pink
9Chase ElliottNAPA Darlington Playoff (16)
9Chase ElliottHooters Night Owl Playoff (16)
9Chase ElliottKelley Blue Book Playoff (16)
9Chase ElliottASHOC (12)
9Chase ElliottNAPA Championship 4 Playoff (4)
10Aric AlmirolaSmithfield Playoff (16)
10Aric AlmirolaFord Warriors in Pink
11Denny HamlinFedEx Ground Playoff (16)
11Denny HamlinFedEx Freight Playoff (16)
11Denny HamlinFedEx Office Playoff (12)
11Denny HamlinFedEx Express Championship 4 Playoff (4)
11Denny HamlinCraftsman Playoff (8)
12Ryan BlaneyAdvance Auto Parts Black Playoff (16)
12Ryan BlaneyMenards/Richmond Playoff (12)
12Ryan BlaneyMenards/Knauf Insulation Playoff (12)
12Ryan BlaneyMenards/Maytag Playoff (12)
12Ryan BlaneyDEX Imaging Playoff (8)
14Chase BriscoeCummins/Rush Truck Center
16AJ AllmendingerJackpot Party
17Chris BuescherFastenal Red, White & Blue 9/11
17Chris BuescherFastenal Kansas
17Chris BuescherViolet Defense
18Kyle BuschM&M Playoff (16)
18Kyle BuschM&M/Ethel M Playoff (12)
18Kyle BuschInterstate Batteries Playoff (8)
18Kyle BuschM&M Halloween Playoff (8)
18Kyle BuschM&M Mix
18Bobby LabonteInterstate Batteries
19Martin Truex Jr.Bass Pro Shops Red, White & Blue Playoff (16)
19Martin Truex Jr.Bass Pro Shops Playoff (16)
19Martin Truex Jr.Bass Pro Shops/Sherry Strong Playoff (16)
20Christopher BellSport Clips Playoff (16)
20Christopher BellDEWALT Patriotic Playoff (16)
20Christopher BellSirius XM Playoff (16)
20Christopher BellRheem (12)
22Joey LoganoPennzoil Playoff (16)
22Joey LoganoYellow Pennzoil Playoff (12)
22Joey LoganoAAA Playoff (8)
23Bubba WallaceDr. Pepper
23Bubba WallaceDoorDash White
24William ByronLiberty University Red, White & Blue Playoff (16)
24William ByronAxalta Playoff (16)
24William ByronAxalta/Service King Playoff (12)
24William ByronValvoline Playoff (12)
34Michael McDowellLoves Playoff (16)
34Michael McDowellLoves Luber Finer Playoff (16)*
34Michael McDowellHorizon
38Anthony AlfredoDude Wipes Halloween
38Anthony AlfredoGolden Nugget (21+)
41Cole CusterDixie Vodka Cocktails Georgia Peach (21+)
41Cole CusterDixie Vodka Cocktails (21+)
43Erik JonesAir Force Special Warfare
43Erik JonesPower to the Patient
43Erik JonesRellevate
48Alex BowmanALLY Playoff (16)
52Josh BilickiInsurance King Halloween
77Justin HaleyBon Secours Pink
77Justin HaleySpire +
78BJ McLeodNASCAR 21: Ignition
78BJ McLeodKeen Parts Halloween
78BJ McLeodGatorland
99Daniel SuarezFreeway Insurance
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