Moza’s R5 direct drive sim racing bundle costs a lowly $599

Moza's R5 direct drive sim racing bundle costs a lowly $599

The 5.5Nm direct drive, PC only, wheel base comes bundled with a pedal set and a new budget wheel base for under $600.

The race for the most affordable bottom of the direct drive wheel base has heated up once again, as Moza Racing announces a new entry-level device that comes bundled with pedals and a wheel rim for just $599.

New entry-level direct drive wheel base

Moza Racing R5 Wheel Base

The R5 wheel base outputs 5.5Nm of force (hence the name) and sits under the still relatively recent R9 (9Nm) option.

In person, it’s diminutive, by far and away the smallest direct drive unit we’ve seen at Traxion.GG. Its compact size and lightweight make it ideal for those without the space for a full rig, but the slight downside is that it doesn’t perfectly line up with the mounting points of a Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0, for example.

Unlike other options on the market, there is no way of boosting that output with an optional accessory, yet. However, direct drive feedback should, in theory, offer more granular feedback than gear or belt-operated systems in close price proximity. Moza devices are also PC-only as it stands at present.

Budget ES wheel rim

Moza Racing ES sim racing wheel rim

The new ES wheel sits below the existing CS in the range, but still includes lights for the vehicle’s revs, metal gearshift paddles and a leather-wrapped rim.

It utilises, like the R5 base unit, the now venerable Moza quick-release system, so can be used on any Moza wheel base. Similarly, any Moza wheel can be used on the R5, such as the latest FSR formula-style wheel.

Non-load-cell SR-P Lite pedals

Moza Racing SR-P Lite pedals

The final piece in the set is the SR-P Lite Pedals, which are like the SR-P Pedals, but without a load cell.

That means, performance input is determined by the movement, or travel, of the pedals like a Logitech or entry-level Thrustmaster set, as opposed to the pressure inputted. There’s no word at present if these can be upgraded at a later date.

A key takeaway here is value. Because the R5 comes with a three-pedal (throttle, brake and clutch) set and a wheel rim for the aforementioned price. It bears repeating, $599 USD.

Moza Racing R5 Racing Simulator Bundle

A staggering price for direct drive with everything you need to get started in one package, minus any additional tax or any import duties, of course.

We have a set at Traxion.GG towers and we hope to deliver some hands-on impressions soon.

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