Moza launches FSR, a formula-style sim racing wheel

Moza launches FSR, a formula-style sim racing wheel

The Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel is a new premium-line range addition to the existing sim racing ecosystem and is compatible with an existing Moza wheel base.

The expansion of Moza Racing‘s sim racing peripheral range continues at a rapid pace, thanks to the reveal of the new FSR Formula Wheel.

This is positioned within Moza’s range, which has also recently expanded with a new entry-level direct drive bundle, as a premium product, sitting above the likes of the ES and CS steering wheels and more in line with the GT-style GS rim.

Moza Racing FSR Formula-style wheel rim

Its frame is made from carbon fibre, created by composite manufacturer Toray to its 3K standard. On the rear, four paddles are affixed, or in Moza parlance ‘Photoelectric Magnetic Paddles’. If the GS wheel’s inputs are to go buy, the top two are magnetic for gearshifts and the lower two are analogue for clutch use.

The existing GS had some of the best sounding and feeling buttons we’ve seen on the market, here’s hoping the FSR follows suit.

As you can see, there is a 4.3” ‘HD’ screen – with up to 15 different user interfaces to scroll through – and the recognisable and programmable RGB rev light.

Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel, sim racing

On the outer edge of this 280mm wide wheel is perforated leather. There are twelve buttons, two rotary switches and five toggle switches. An optional USB connection will also be available.

The FSR Formula Wheel will retail for $649 and is compatible with all MOZA wheel bases, from the base model R5 to the top-of-the-line R21.

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