Wheel and pedal Black Friday deals by Moza Racing

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Three of our favourite Moza Racing sim racing items – two wheels and one load cell pedal set – will be reduced during a four-day Black Friday sale.
Moza CS Steering Wheel

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During an upcoming Black Friday sale, Moza Racing will be reducing two of its steering wheels by $30 and a set of entry-level load cell pedals by $20.

The SR-P2 pedals are the aforementioned load cells and were launched in August of this year. The set includes a throttle and a brake pedal, the discount doesn’t apply to the three-pedal version. In the sale, they will be reduced from $179 to $159.

“Moza is most certainly making moves in the right direction, and the quality is clear for all to see,” we said in our review.

The CS Steering Wheel that launched at the same time as the SR-P is also on sale. It’s at the more affordable end of a wheel design specifically for direct driver wheel bases, it features a microfiber leather-covered rim and some of the most satisfying buttons in sim racing.

During the sale, it will be reduced from $279 to $249.

Moza SR-P Pedals review: Range extenders

Finally, the premium GS GT wheel is reduced from $499 to $469. One of the most lauded wheels in the Moza range, it’s a large 300m diameter rim with all the bells and whistles: 10 programmable buttons, dual-clutch magnetic shifters, Alcantara covering and an RGB shift light.

“Remarkably solid thanks to its carbon fibre construction and the Alcantara grips are delectable,” we said in our review.

MOZA Racing R9 sim racing wheel base and GS wheel in use

The three deals are available for a limited time only, between 25th and 28th November via the Moza Racing web store.

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