MOZA Racing adds new pedals, wheel and digital dash to its sim racing line-up

MOZA Racing adds new pedals, wheel and digital dash to its sim racing line-up

MOZA Racing has followed up on its R9 wheelbase with three new sim racing peripherals; a wheel rim, load cell pedals and a digital dashboard.

MOZA Racing has made a huge impression on sim racers recently, with their entry-level direct drive wheelbase – the R9 – ticking all the right boxes for us in our review. Similarly priced to the class-leading Fanatec CSL DD wheelbase, MOZA managed to build a worthy rival featuring 9Nm of torque – one more than the CSL DD.

However, we lamented the fact that MOZA Racing has a comparatively small sim racing ecosystem, feeling that this may put off potential customers.

MOZA Racing has moved to alleviate these concerns, however, and has today (1st June 2022) announced the addition of three new sim racing peripherals, namely; the SRP Pedals, the CS Steering Wheel and the CM HD Digital Dash.

MOZA Racing SRP Pedals

MOZA’s CRP Pedals are now joined by its SRP load cell pedal set, featuring two-stage brake operation. The early stages of braking are controlled by a potentiometer, with later stages (threshold braking) controlled by a 100Kg pressure sensor.

The brake also has a spring and damping block to control early travel feel, with the entire set’s steel construction promising sturdy build quality. The clutch and accelerator are potentiometer based, with all three pedals having adjustable pedal spacing and height.

The pedal set can be hard mounted to rigs normally or inverted. If not attached to a rig, the pedals feature a grippy anti-slip mat.

The MOZA Racing SRP Pedals are available as two or three pedal sets, with a separate clutch pedal also available for two-pedal users wishing to upgrade.

The three pedal set costs $218.90, two pedals are $179 and a separate clutch pedal is $39.90. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

MOZA Racing SRP Pedals

MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel

The MOZA CS Steering Wheel becomes the third wheelrim in MOZA’s line-up, after the RS GT-style wheel and the GS formula rim. Set at 13 inches in diameter, the new wheel rim features magnetic forged carbon fibre shifters – a competitive feature at its price point.

The alloy wheel has a quick release system and 2.4Ghz wireless operation, with fully programmable RGB LED lights. The CS Steering Wheel also has six mechanical buttons, two joysticks and a 20-stage steel rotary switch, so plenty of options for your average sim racer.

The MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel is available for $279 excluding VAT.

MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel

MOZA Racing CM HD Digital Dash

The CM HD Digital Dash screen features 16.7 million colours with an HD 800×480 resolution. The dashboard attachment displays information like fuel level, lap times, speed and gear number and is confirmed to be compatible with Asseto Corsa, F1 2020, Project Cars 2 and DiRT Rally 2 thus far.

The CM HD Digital Dash slots in perfectly to MOZA’s R9 wheelbase, but compatibility with other MOZA wheelbases – and other manufacturers’ wheelbases – has not been confirmed as of yet.

The Digital Dash’s screen has a selection of seven different interface styles, with more to be added in future. MOZA’s own Pit House software can be used to customise and configure games to the user’s preference too.

The MOZA Racing CM HD Digital Dash costs $159 ex VAT.

MOZA Racing CM HD Digital Dash

MOZA Racing’s new PC-only peripherals are available to order o now. What are your thoughts on MOZA Racing’s latest sim racing offerings? Let us know in the comments below.

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