More details for VCO INFINITY released, 24 hour competition begins 7th May

More details for VCO INFINITY released, 24 hour competition begins 7th May

The Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) has a new challenge awaiting some of the top teams that exist in the world of sim racing. Further details surrounding VCO INFINITY were announced on Wednesday (27th April). Utilising the iRacing platform, VCO INFINITY will take 40 teams, five vehicles and five tracks and compete for 24 hours in 24 different events.

Each race will last 45 minutes with each new event starting up at the top of the hour. The competition will take place starting on Saturday, 7th May 2022 starting at 19:00 CEST / 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT, and will last for 24 hours through Sunday, 8th May 2022. All of the action will be live on the VCO Esports Twitch and YouTube channels.

The five cars that the teams will use have already been announced:

  • Dallara IR18 IndyCar
  • Dallara F3
  • McLaren MP4-12C GT3
  • Hyundai Elantra N TC
  • Dallara P217 LMP2

As for the tracks – they were announced on 5th May:

  • Daytona International Speedway
  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  • Road America
  • Silverston Circuit
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

All in all, it’ll end up being 24 unique combinations by the end of it. Points will be accumulated for each round and the top teams will battle for their share of the $5,000 USD prize. Virtual Racing School (VRS) has partnered with VCO and will provide the fixed setups for all of the cars and track combinations.

A handful of popular sim racing teams will be a part of this show. Names like Team Redline, Coanda Simsport, R8G Esports, Veloce Esports, Team Fordzilla, Apex Racing Team, Burst Esport, BS+COMPETITION, and many, many more are listed below.


1Dallara IR18 IndyCar19:00
2Dallara F320:00
3McLaren MP4-12C GT321:00
4Hyundai Elantra N TC22:00
5Dallara P217 LMP223:00
6Dallara IR18 IndyCar00:00
7Dallara F301:00
8McLaren MP4-12C GT302:00
9Hyundai Elantra N TC03:00
10Dallara P217 LMP204:00
11Dallara IR18 IndyCar05:00
12Dallara F306:00
13McLaren MP4-12C GT307:00
14Hyundai Elantra N TC08:00
15Dallara P217 LMP209:00
16Dallara IR18 IndyCar10:00
17Dallara F311:00
18McLaren MP4-12C GT312:00
19Hyundai Elantra N TC13:00
20Dallara P217 LMP214:00
21Dallara F315:00
22McLaren MP4-12C GT316:00
23Hyundai Elantra N TC17:00
24Dallara P217 LMP218:00

VCO INFINITY TEAM LIST (40 Teams competing):

  • Absolute Motorsport Acelith Simracing
  • Altus Esports
  • Apex Racing Team
  • Arnage Competition
  • BMS
  • Brabham Esports
  • Burst Esport
  • Buttler-Pal Motorsport
  • DCW Racing
  • eTeam BRIT
  • Legion of Racers
  • Moradness eStars
  • NetRex Grand Prix
  • Obsidian Racing
  • Pulsus eSports
  • Puresims Esports
  • R8G Esports
  • Race Clutch
  • RN Vision STS Simracing Team
  • Rocket Simsport
  • RPC eSports
  • SIMMSA Esports
  • SimRacing Unlimited
  • SRC Mivano Corse
  • T3 Motorsport
  • Team Fordzilla
  • Team Redline
  • TR powered by Geekz Energy
  • TREQ eSports
  • TRITON Racing
  • URANO eSports
  • Veloce Esports
  • VRS Coanda Simsport
  • WAS COOKIN Racing Adventures
  • Wolf Team Racing
  • WOR eSports
  • YAS Heat
  • YouRaceBR E-Sports
  • Zennith Esports

Who will you be rooting for in this unique competition? Let us know in the comments below.

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