Mini Motorways receives Challenge City update

Dinosaur Polo Club, the developer behind strategic puzzle game Mini Metro, has announced the Challenge City update to its successful follow-up, Mini Motorways.

In our review, we described it as “Endlessly replayable, beautiful to look at and featuring engrossing gameplay, this is another roaring success.”

The game tasks you with creating the road system of a growing city, with bigger challenges presenting themselves the further you progress, with the goal being to keep traffic flowing as efficiently as possible.

Adding a new city to the game in the form of Wellington, New Zealand, the Challenge City update also adds maps, missions and leaderboard functionalities to the strategic road-building sim, all for free.

The new update is available now on PC Steam, macOS and Apple Arcade. The update will be available from day one when the Nintendo Switch version is released in 2022, currently slated for Q1.

Are you a fan of minimalist strategy simulation Mini Motorways? Let us know in the comments below.

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