Major updates on the horizon for RaceRoom

Justin Melillo
RaceRoom Alfa Romeo TCR

The free-to-play-with-premium-add-ons simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience has some pretty neat things lined up in the coming months encompassing the driving feel of the sim, the graphics on and off track, and added features for users of the service. 

A blog post from Sector3 Studios Producer Jean-Francois Chardon details the upcoming changes and additions to the sim. Some things are scheduled to drop in June while others will take until the end of the year at the earliest. 

The anticipated June updates include: 

  • An update to the Force Feedback mechanics will give sim drivers a more realistic feel as opposed to the previous model. 
  • An updated User Interface with new options, search and tools for triple monitor users. 
  • An updated Replay Interface for better in-game photography. 

Other updates will trickle in as the year goes on, including changes to sparks, smoke, and dirt visuals. When it’s ready, support for Thrustmaster software development kits will be pushed through, as well as physics updates for Formula RaceRoom 3, the Formula RaceRoom 2, and the Formula RaceRoom X-17. 

New content is imminent as well, as the blog post named dropped the Opel Astra TCR – which would fit nicely alongside the several TCR cars already available for the simulator.

Finally, series/championships for the Ranked Multiplayer will be dropping soon. The system feels very similar to iRacing’s iRating and safety rating system or GT Sport’s Sport Mode. This update will mean each player will not only race for rating and reputation but also score points in a race based on how highly rated the opponents were.

The Force Feedback alone could make the game a completely brand-new experience, but it looks like good things are in store for the team at Sector3 Studios with this list of anticipated updates. Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments!  

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