Limited edition Toyota Yaris Gran Turismo 7 includes a PS5

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Limited edition Toyota Yaris Gran Turismo 7 includes a PS5, partnership extended

If you happen to live in Spain and you’ve been struggling to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, then there is another – albeit extreme – way of being ready for Gran Turismo 7.

Introducing the Toyota Yaris GR SPORT Electric Hybrid GT7 Edition road car, that comes with a PS5 and a copy of the game.

Limited to just 100 hundred units, and for now the Spanish market, the electrified hatchback is adorned with the Gran Turismo logo on the front wings and features a series number badge inside and a Gran Turismo-themed key cover.

Toyota Yaris GR SPORT Electric Hybrid GT7 Edition Interior

Before you get ahead of yourself, this isn’t the hot GR Yaris, but rather the humdrum 1.5-litre hybrid with 116 hp. ‘GR SPORT’ in Toyota parlance means natty alloy wheels, sporty seats and trim accents inspired by performance Toyota vehicles and motorsport activities.

Lucky owners will also receive a physical copy of the game, a PS5 console (presumably the version with a disc drive), three months of PlayStation Plus and a second DualSense controller. It’s available on the same day at GT7, 4th March 2022, pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Strangely, as it stands, this version of the car isn’t in the Gran Turismo 7 game.

Toyota Yaris GR SPORT Electric Hybrid GT7 Edition, rear

Spanish Gran Turismo Championship

Alongside the new road-going model, there will be a Spin-specific Gran Turismo 7 esports competition, that will utilise Toyota vehicles in the game.

The winner will receive one of the 100 limited edition real-world Yaris GT7 Editions. The competition will “launch soon.”

Extended Gran Turismo and Toyota partnership

As we have seen within the outgoing GT Sport, Toyota and Gran Turismo creators Polyphony Digital have a special partnership. This meant vehicles such as the GR Supra, GR Yaris and GR86 all arrived within the game in a prompt fashion.

There was also the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup esports competition, won in 2021 by Tomoaki Yamanaka.

Now, it has been announced that the “joint international collaboration agreement coinciding with the launch of Gran Turismo 7” has been extended.

There are no firm details as to what that entails for players but expect further Toyota cars and competitions.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Iberian Cup
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Iberian Cup

Lastly, Gran Turismo has become a partner of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Iberian Cup, an upcoming rally series created in collaboration between Toyota Spain, Toyota Caetano Portugal and the Motor & Sport Institute. Entrants will compete in Toyota GR Yaris RZs with Gran Turismo branding part of their liveries.

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