Le Mans Ultimate: Radar, replays and 2024 liveries arrive alongside BMW LMDh

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Following a series of patches and hotfixes, significant Le Mans Ultimate updates restart later this month with new content and features.
Le Mans Ultimate - Radar, replays and 2024 liveries arrive alongside BMW LMDh

Much-requested features are on the way soon for the early access Le Mans Ultimate simulation when an update arrives 10th June 2024.

Chief of which is an on-screen radar system, allowing drivers to see where nearby drivers are placed, analogous to the options seen in Assetto Corsa Competizione and Gran Turismo 7. The proximity-sensing driving aid is set for further multi-class-specific changes at a later date.

It will be joined by the ability to save and watch race replays – something only possible in an ephemeral ‘quick replay’ feature to date. The recaps arrive alongside the ability to toggle on and off driver and team ‘labels’.

During the race-starting procedure, greater signposting for sim racers will become present. An on-screen prompt that the formation lap is about to start will be implemented, so too on-track markers highlight the correct position for rolling starts. A speed warning shall also be present.

New netcode

Something that is not set to be tangible – yet – is what Motorsport Games and developer Studio 397 is touting as a new version of its netcode.

“This is a foundational piece of technology that will support the future development of Le Mans Ultimate,” said Motorsport Games CEO Stephen Hood.

“Whilst it’s not something you’re able to see, it will allow us to build upon in future updates and eventually allow us to host multi-driver events with more robustness… It’s vitally important that this part of the codebase is moved forward.”

Le Mans Ultimate Toyota GR010 2024 livery

2024 Hypercar liveries

Adjacent to the quality-of-life changes will be the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship liveries for the Hypercar class.

That means updated paint schemes for the teams and cars already in-sim, plus additional designs for the expanded grid, this season compared to last. For example, the yellow Ferrari 499P of AF Corse driven by Yifei Ye, Robert Shwartzman and Robert Kubica. Or, the black design applied to the Toyota GR010.

BMW M Hybrid V8

The first new car added to Le Mans Ultimate post-release also arrives in the same update – the BMW M Hybrid V8.

This was formally unveiled last week for the platform, with further Hypercars, tracks and the entire GT3 field expected by the end of 2024. This will be a mix of free and paid-for content.

All subsequent tracks will be DLC, the BMW Hypercar is free but four more are DLC and two GT3s (to be confirmed which) will be free, the rest premium.

Le Mans Ultimate BMW M Hybrid V8

What’s not arriving in June

Virtual reality support will remain an omission when the new features and BMW arrive – despite VR being a mainstay of rFactor 2, a simulation that Le Mans Ultimate uses as a basis to build upon.

This is to make sure it is “more than just a port of what our engine is currently capable of delivering, it needs to be better,” according to Hood. 

The much-vaunted asynchronous cooperative mode, which was anticipated this month following Hood’s prior comments on a recent earnings call, has been pushed further back.

Le Mans Ultimate stint review co-op

“We went back to the drawing board to give this mode more meaning and excitement to players,” said Hood.

Some new in-game screens have been published for the feature. A ‘stint review’ page details how long is left of a race, car condition and remaining tyres. It also provides a chat area for you and your teammates to discuss a plan of action before the next driver completes their section.

A full changelog is expected on 10th June alongside the next update, while news on the first DLC pack is expected soon. Below is a list of expected features.

Features arriving for Le Mans Ultimate, 10th June 2024

  • Radar
  • Guided race starts
  • Race replays
  • Driver labels
  • New online netcode foundation
  • BMW M Hybrid V8
  • 2024-season FIA WEC Hypercar liveries
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