Latest Automobilista 2 update adds online LiveTrack weather presets

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Latest Automobilista 2 updated adds online LiveTrack weather presets

Yet more tweaks, changes and fixes have arrived for Automobilista 2, thanks to the V1.2.1.2 update which is now available to download.

The most significant addition of LiveTrack preset support for multiplayer and dedicated server use. The game can simulate rubber, dirt and dust build-up on the circuit surface, and now you’ll be able to select how this feature works during online racing too.

Sadly, developer Reiza Studios has also flagged a conflict between the game and Logitech’s G Hub software. If you’re using a G29 / G920 / G923 wheel, you may want to roll back to an older version of G Hub to avoid crashes.

Extra information is now available when browsing for online sessions and within lobbies too thanks to some UI changes and the AI performance has been re-made from the ground-up for both the Nürburgring GP and Silverstone.

These significant changes site alongside a long list of small fixes, which we’ve listed for you below in the full changelog. This update follows on from the recent development update, where an upcoming new track and car were teased. Let us know in the comments if you’ve been playing Automobilista 2 recently.

Automobilista 2 v1.2.1.2 changelog


  • Added LiveTrack Preset support to multiplayer and dedicated server
  • Fixed an issue that would result in a crash when switching to a second custom championship save that was not created in the current session
  • Fixed refuelling disallowed in custom championships (does not apply retroactively to existing saves)
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect location would be selected in saved setups screen in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a CTD when determining pit speed limit on loading screen in some cases


  • Fixed Real Weather status text of session settings “Weather Forecast” input from displaying incorrectly in some cases.
  • Made “Dry” Track Wetness label on in-game screens based on wetness of whole track not just main driving line.
  • Added missing texts for fuel/tire multipliers 3-5x (lobby detail screen).
  • Added detailed lobby information to MP Lobby Screen. (highlight ‘Session Settings’ block to view it)
  • Added sub-menu to lobby screen where host can access/change rules/realism/session settings in multiplayer games. (cannot override dedi controlled games)


  • Further adjusted AI speed while running offline
  • Increased AI Grip for Bathurst, Imola, Silverstone
  • Rebuilt AI paths for Nürburgring GP & Silverstone from scratch


  • Added seasonal foliage to Hockenheim & Brands Hatch
  • Silverstone: Rebuilt new pit lane cement wall and armco collision
  • Oulton Park: Minor performance pass
  • Updated Interlagos & Nürbugring TV cams in attempt to reduce shimmering


  • Stock Car 2021: Updated Guga Lima livery
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