Lamborghini Esports: The Real Race 5, Zandvoort Results

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The fifth race event of the 2021 edition of The Real Race presented by Lamborghini Esports took place over the 29th August weekend. The EMEA region was once again on display as the series went to Circuit Zandvoort, located in The Netherlands. The full results are available on The Real Race website. The series utilizes the Assetto Corsa Competizione platform.

ACC utilizes the 2019 version of the facility, which is not too different from the current model of the track sans a few infrastructure and minor track changes to bring it up to Formula 1 standards. The 2019 version is 4.307-kilometers or 2.676-miles in length. The old version classifies the track with 15 corners while the new one is down to 14. Circuit Zandvoort is next up on the Formula 1 calendar.

As it’s been all season, qualifiers were open beforehand to get the 20 best in each region entered into the event. After closed qualifying the day before, the dual races per region took place on Sunday. APAC ran first, the EMEA group second, and NALA would run later on in the day.

EMEA ZANDVOORT: Sherratt continues to dominate

As usual, the EMEA region belonged to Jordan Sherratt from start to finish. In qualifying, Sherratt put it on the pole position, then went on to dominate in the first of two races.

Not even Rafael Alves could beat Sherratt, even without a pit stop. The resulting penalty to Alves dropped him from fifth to 18th in the running order due to not servicing his Lamborghini.

EMEA ZANDVOORT Race 1 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Jordan Sherratt2845:22.652
2Andrea Benedetti2845:32.915
3Tommy Razeyre2845:38.028
4Leo Boulay2845:40.995
5Gábor Sárosi2845:50.210
6Marinko Jordanovski2845:50.630
7Luke Addison2845:54.819
8Luca Tavernari2846:00.026
9Fabio Calandrino2846:01.362
10Carlo Barberi2846:01.495
11Beniamin Baumann2846:01.731
12Heikki Hytönen2846:05.802
13Naga Racing Djihed2846:11.191
14Andrea Martelli2846:19.207
15Ferhat Düdükcü2846:20.035
16Marek Dvorak2846:29.173
17Robin Hörig2846:45.496
18Rafael Alves2847:55.959
19Dimcescu Cristian2745:36.051
20Romain Lippens36:12.089

The second and longer race was more of the same for Sherratt. This time, everyone in the event managed to take their proper pit stop. Sherratt only lost the lead during the pit stops, but with no full course yellows, the only way anyone would catch him would be with a mistake. Andrea Benedetti managed to finish second in both races.

EMEA ZANDVOORT Race 2 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Jordan Sherratt3861:17.247
2Andrea Benedetti3861:36.749
3Leo Boulay3861:38.374
4Tommy Razeyre3861:38.843
5Fabio Calandrino3861:52.701
6Beniamin Baumann3862:01.986
7Heikki Hytönen3862:07.712
8Gábor Sárosi3862:08.774
9Ferhat Düdükcü3862:14.502
10Marinko Jordanovski3862:14.956
11Naga Racing Djihed3862:41.910
12Carlo Barberi3862:47.903
13Luca Tavernari3862:48.044
14Marek Dvorak3862:54.900
15Romain Lippens3761:30.921
16Dimcescu Cristian3761:32.806
17Robin Hörig3761:48.773
18Rafael Alves3762:35.293
19Andrea Martelli1017:04.839
20Luke Addison0DNS

With no Kevin Siclari, Tinko van der Velde or Martin Kadlečík in the field, Sherratt is able to expand upon his points lead at halfway through the season. Sherratt leads by 73 over Siclari, and that means that he’s got more than a full event’s points advantage with five races to go.

NALA ZANDVOORT: Moreira triumphs for double win

It looked like William Hendrickson was going to be the dominant force once again in the NALA region as he claimed the pole position once again over Diego Cargnin, Gabriel Felipe and Fidel Moreira. Moreira had the race pace, however and barely took the first race victory over Felipe by less than 0.4 seconds. Hendrickson wound up finishing in third.


PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Fidel Moreira2845:42.573
2Gabriel Felipe2845:42.951
3William Hendrickson2845:43.300
4Timothy Flammger2846:04.196
5Ryan Woodrow2846:04.541
6Diego Cargnin2846:10.755
7Fernando Deutsch2846:47.131
8Pawan Mantaporn2846:49.700
9Jonthan Clifford2846:53.004
10Junior Augusto de Oliveira Godoi2846:54.778
11Federico Pagliardini2746:36.855
12Bruno Mota2747:07.546
13Daniel de Oliveira1830:43.697
14Lincoln Miguel58:55.259
15Sebastian Gonzalez11:48.224

The second race of the region kept things close between Moreira and Felipe once again. After the hour was up, Moreira was victorious once again. Hendrickson had some trouble and wound up finishing in fifth.

NALA ZANDVOORT Race 2 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Fidel Moreira3760:01.065
2Gabriel Felipe3760:02.446
3Ryan Woodrow3760:22.501
4Timothy Flammger3760:28.535
5William Hendrickson3760:31.628
6Diego Cargnin3760:36.455
7Fernando Deutsch3761:10.268
8Jonthan Clifford3761:11.291
9Daniel de Oliveira3761:12.647
10Pawan Mantaporn3761:18.969
11Sebastian Gonzalez3660:10.317
12Junior Augusto de Oliveira Godoi3660:11.917
13Federico Pagliardini3560:22.192
14Bruno Mota3561:02.464
15Lincoln Miguel0DNS

With the double win, Moreira was able to cut into Hendrickson’s lead, now down to 21 points. Felipe also gained on the leader with his pair of runner up finishes.

APAC ZANDVOORT: O’Hara untouchable at Zandvoort

Much like the EMEA region, the APAC region featured a dominating performance from one driver from qualifying through both races. For the APAC region, it was Andrew O’Hara in charge, winning by a landslide over Davlish Singh in the first event. Point leader Egor Ogorodnikov wound up fourth.

APAC ZANDVOORT Race 1 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Andrew O’Hara2845:27.639
2Davlish Singh2845:43.907
3Terry Rayton2845:50.455
4Egor Ogorodnikov2845:51.864
5Denis Sakharov2846:01.033
6Gary Huang2846:05.367
7Sergey Mironenko2846:08.262
8Hung-Ming Chang2846:09.054
9Sam Bugden2846:20.772
10JJ Wong2846:26.894
11Billie Ebenhaezer Wijaya2846:34.942
12Gugun Wiranto2846:36.237
13Yi-Lin Hsieh2846:45.612
14Ilhamulkarim Shaquille2846:49.456
15Nanthaphat Chaiyakarn2745:35.052
16Adrian Garnham2745:56.387

In the longer feature race, Gary Huang made his way up from sixth to second on the grid for a runner up, edging Ogorodnikov by a few seconds for the spot. Once again, however, it was O’Hara who won the event by over 16 seconds.

APAC ZANDVOORT Race 2 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Andrew O’Hara3861:27.655
2Gary Huang3861:43.728
3Egor Ogorodnikov3861:47.711
4Davlish Singh3861:49.642
5Terry Rayton3861:51.060
6Hung-Ming Chang3862:06.417
7Gugun Wiranto3862:25.795
8JJ Wong3862:30.405
9Billie Ebenhaezer Wijaya3862:37.708
10Sergey Mironenko3862:44.369
11Ilhamulkarim Shaquille3862:46.533
12Yi-Lin Hsieh3862:56.481
13Sam Bugden3862:57.984
14Nanthaphat Chaiyakarn3762:26.866
15Adrian Garnham3762:45.781
16Denis Sakharov0DNS

Another region and another double win means O’Hara is closing in on the leader Ogorodnikov. Ogorodnikovwas fourth and third in the respective races, so he still holds on to a five point lead over Huang and 32 point lead over O’Hara entering the Nurburgring.

The next race event will take place at the Nurburgring on 19th September. Open qualifiers will start on 13th September and will end 17th September. Only five events remain in the season now. This race will be the second Endurance event on the calendar, a two hour long race with more points awarded. Check out the full EMEA region broadcast down below.

Images thanks to The Real Race.

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