Lamborghini Esports: The Real Race 2, Laguna Seca Results

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The second race event of the 2021 edition of The Real Race presented by Lamborghini Esports took place over the 11th July weekend. This time, only the NALA region races were broadcasted live on the Lamborghini Esports YouTube, but the standings were run down at the beginning of the broadcast and the full results are available on The Real Race website.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, as it’s known in the real world, is a 2.238-mile, 3.602-kilometre circuit near Monterey, California. Built in 1957, Laguna Seca hosts a myriad of racing series that are mostly U.S.-based. As recently as 2019, Laguna Seca played host to the championship round in the NTT IndyCar Series.

Like Monza, qualifiers were open beforehand to get the 20 best in each region entered into the event. After closed qualifying the day before, the dual races per region took place on Sunday. APAC ran first, then the EMEA group second. The final regional group of drivers, the North American Latin American region, closed out the second round of events.

NALA LAGUNA SECA: Clean Sweep for Hendrickson

It was a disastrous first outing for William Hendrickson at Monza a few weeks ago. After qualifying third, an early issue forced him to retire before the green flag of the first race. That made his second race a tough outing to gain spots after having to start in last. This week at Laguna Seca, Hendrickson was nearly flawless in the wet weather.

From the pole position, Hendrickson pulled away as the field got clustered behind him. In dominating fashion, Hendrickson was able to score the first race victory by almost 20 seconds over Diego Cargnin. The second race had a cleaner start into the first turn, but they waited this time to wad it up just before the corkscrew. Hendrickson once again prevailed and scored a second victory on the day.

Fidel Moreira didn’t have the same luck as he did in Monza with a dry track, scoring a fifth and fourth place in the wet at Laguna Seca. Moreira does retain the regional lead with a total of 74 points. Hendrickson managed to jump up to second in the standings from way lower, now tied with Gabriel Felipe to round out the podium.

NALA Laguna Seca Race 1 Results

PosDriverBest Time
1William Hendrickson46:07.322
2Diego Cargnin46:26.576
3Gabriel Felipe46:27.585
4Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues46:29.228
5Fidel Moreira46:34.201
6Vinny Oliveira Leão46:35.528
7Timothy Flammger46:51.961
8Ryan Woodrow46:57.449
9Lincoln Miguel47:03.495
10Gustavo Camilo47:26.192
11Pawan Mantaporn47:27.312
12Renan Mateus Negrini46:08.701
13Sebastian Gonzalez46:25.903
14Andres Antonio Castro Beltran46:45.644
15Joao Borges24:56.096
16Alexis Moisan21:02.812
17Daniel de Oliveira10:31.693

NALA Laguna Seca Race 2 Results 

PosDriverBest Time
1William Hendrickson61:00.083
2Vinny Oliveira Leão61:23.234
3Diego Cargnin61:33.725
4Fidel Moreira61:42.070
5Gabriel Felipe61:42.455
6Daniel de Oliveira62:05.658
7Ryan Woodrow62:16.910
8Sebastian Gonzalez61:03.617
9Timothy Flammger61:07.265
10Gustavo Camilo61:13.292
11Alexis Moisan61:29.895
12Pawan Mantaporn62:15.330
13Andres Antonio Castro Beltran61:30.652
14Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues43:40.087
15lincoln miguel20:31.149
16Renan Mateus Negrini1231:23.827

APAC LAGUNA SECA: Ogorodnikov sweeps Sprints, takes points lead

Both Sprints fell into the lap of Egor Ogorodnikov. Ogorodnikov finished runner-up both times in the first event at Monza. Starting second alongside Ivan Shermetinskii, Ogorodnikov was able to take the win in the first race, giving him the advantage in the second race at the start.

Ogorodnikov takes over the APAC region points lead from Monza winner Gary Huang, who finished seventh and sixth in the Laguna Seca events. Shermetinskii also moves around Huang in the standings into second.

There was no broadcast of the APAC region races.

APAC Laguna Seca Race 1 Results 

PosDriverBest Time
1Egor Ogorodnikov45:26.679
2Ivan Shermetinskii45:27.062
3Andika Rama Maulana45:31.203
4Terry Rayton45:34.389
5Andrew Laurenson45:37.492
6Brian Izadfar45:40.550
7Gary Huang45:51.295
8Davlish Singh45:56.459
9Denis Sakharov46:13.549
10Wooi-Kit Low46:13.845
11Daniel Tan46:16.761
12Javier Lai46:22.188
13Francis Metrillo46:26.510
14Billie Ebenhaezer Wijaya46:39.074
15Ryan Rodrigues46:43.395
16Nigel Chuah46:47.149
17Sam Bugden46:28.040
18Alexis Clapano45:41.805
19Sergey Mironenko21:39.917

APAC Laguna Seca Race 2 Results 

PosDriverBest Time
1Egor Ogorodnikov61:04.953
2Ivan Shermetinskii61:25.966
3Andika Rama Maulana61:29.056
4Terry Rayton61:44.759
5Daniel Tan62:04.113
6Gary Huang62:16.456
7Sam Bugden62:26.109
8Wooi-Kit Low61:10.482
9Davlish Singh61:12.037
10Andrew Laurenson61:13.634
11Sergey Mironenko61:15.087
12Javier Lai62:07.685
13Francis Metrillo62:14.614
14Denis Sakharov59:25.373
15Brian Izadfar40:56.675
16Alexis Clapano31:29.087
17Ryan Rodrigues29:52.410
18Billie Ebenhaezer Wijaya21:57.755
19Nigel Chuah5:08.570
APAC standings through two events.

EMEA LAGUNA SECA: Sherratt, Kadlečík split sprints, 1-2 in points

For the first time across all three regions, one driver didn’t sweep both races in the entire event. Martin Kadlečík had just a little more pace coming into Laguna Seca, as he started from the pole position for the first race. Jordan Sherratt, who was able to sweep both races at Monza, managed to get by Kadlečík for the 45 minute race win. In the second race, however, it was Kadlečík scoring the victory over Sherratt by just over two seconds.

Sherratt leads the overal EMEA standings with a total of 93 points while Kadlečík sits second at 77 points. Kevin Siclari finished second and third at the two Laguna Seca races and sits third overall in points with a total of 58 points.

There was no broadcast of the EMEA region races.

EMEA Laguna Seca Race 1 Results 

PosDriverBest Time
1Jordan Sherratt46:02.043
2Kevin Siclari46:13.636
3Martin Kadlečík46:16.151
4Tinko van der Velde46:23.759
5Tommy Razeyre46:27.236
6Darren King46:38.041
7Michael Tauscher46:38.960
8Charlie Crossland46:42.412
9Leo Boulay46:43.590
10Gianfranco Giglioli46:58.457
11Gábor Sárosi46:58.792
12Kuhn Mathias47:05.969
13Luca Tavernari47:18.009
14Marc Rozendaal46:10.911
15Luke Addison46:11.256
16Niklas Houben35:30.818
17Taariq Adam3:36.209
18Ahmed Erquizi Hamada1:01.796

EMEA Laguna Seca Race 2 Results 

PosDriverBest Time
1Martin Kadlečík60:43.164
2Jordan Sherratt60:44.999
3Kevin Siclari60:50.832
4Darren King61:05.083
5Tinko van der Velde61:09.790
6Charlie Crossland61:10.045
7Leo Boulay61:16.119
8Gianfranco Giglioli61:24.953
9Tommy Razeyre61:35.002
10Luca Tavernari61:36.492
11Kuhn Mathias61:59.672
12Gábor Sárosi60:48.790
13Marc Rozendaal61:17.008
14Michael Tauscher29:30.495
15Luke Addison30:35.070
16Niklas Houben1:03.727
EMEA standings through two events.

The first Endurance race will take place 25th July at Suzuka. There will only be one longer race instead of two, but to win will earn 60 points as opposed to 50 for sweeping both Sprints. Check out the action from the Laguna Seca event below!

Images thanks to The Real Race.

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