Lamborghini Esports: The Real Race 1 at Monza results

Justin Melillo

The second season of The Real Race is underway with the focus on merging real racing with simulation.

The Real Race, powered by Lamborghini Esports is a competition utilizing Assetto Corsa Competizione with unique real-world offerings as prizes for top drivers. This year, the top drivers in each region will be invited to the headquarters of Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. One of those three drivers will become an official Lamborghini sim driver for the 2022 season.

There are three separate regions, each with its own rosters and points standings separate from one another. The APAC region covers countries in Asia Pacific, the entire continent of Australia and People’s Republic of China. Those competing in the EMEA region hail from Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Finally, the NALA region covers North America and Latin America.

There are ten total rounds in Season 2 of The Real Race. Open qualifiers before the event will enter drivers into the field of closed qualifying. From there, the fields are set for the race weekends. Seven events will be Sprint format, with a doubleheader of races for each region. Three events will be Endurance, which will be one longer race for each region.

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is a historic circuit in Italy that’s been around for a long time, since it was built in 1922. Monza hosts historic open-wheel racing, the most notable being Formula 1 since 1949. Monza also hosts many other closed fendered Sports Car races throughout the calendar year, so putting these Lamborghini GT3 cars on the famed track made sense to kick off the new season.

For Monza, each region was qualified for an initial sprint race of 45 minutes. The results of the sprint race set the grid for the hour-long feature shortly afterwards. Here’s how each region’s races did in round 1.

APAC MONZA 1: Huang dominates from the pole position

The first race in the series pitted APAC region drivers against one another for 45 minutes of racing in the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 virtual machines. Gary Huang and Fadhli Rachmat led the field into the Variante del Rettifilo side-by-side as the next row behind got three-wide. Moreno Pratama ended up with the short end of the stick, as three-wide just wasn’t going to work. Pratama bounced between Egor Ogorodnikov and Ivan Shermetinskii and eventually lost control.

One pit stop was required, some opting for an undercut, some opting to go long, and as was the case for the leader, some opted to split it up evenly. Huang reclaimed the lead with 13 minutes to go when Andrew Laurenson finally decided to take service. From there, Huang went on to win by a little more than two seconds over Ogorodnikov.

APAC Monza Race 1 Results 

Pos Driver Best Time 
Gary Huang 46:04.454 
Egor Ogorodnikov 46:06.826 
Ivan Shermetinskii 46:16.559 
Davlish Singh 46:27.380 
Fadhli Rachmat 46:27.698 
Andika Rama Maulana 46:28.110 
Nigel Chuah 46:29.229 
Andrew Laurenson 46:44.988 
Terry Rayton 46:49.771 
10 Sergey Mironenko 46:51.892 
11 Lukas Birss 46:52.742 
12 Hung-Ming Chang 46:52.928 
13 Alexis Clapano 46:54.816 
14 Wooi-Kit Low 46:56.089 
15 Kelvin Chen 46:59.213 
16 Isaac Norman 47:02.772 
17 Francis Metrillo 47:05.508 
18 Kin Long Li 47:10.012 
19 Moreno Pratama 47:32.548 
20 Udit Sen 24:23.139 

APAC MONZA 2: Huang keeps it first in second race

The second race lined up drivers as they finished in the first event. Driving a different livery this time around, Huang was still able to produce the same result. This time, however, Huang was overtaken in the initial chicane by Ogorodnikov as the rest of the field followed through behind them.

Ogorodnikov held the lead through the first half, but when the mandatory pits came up, Huang opted to wait a little longer, trying to gain as much time now no longer in dirty air. As Huang exited the pit, Ogorodnikov was closing in fast and tried to get ahead before the Variante del Rettifilo chicane. Unfortunately, Ogorodnikov misjudged it and overshot, and a lap later, he conceded the spot to Huang to avoid further penalty.

Once again, Laurenson played the long game, pitting last with 19 minutes remaining, cycling the lead around to Huang for the first and final time. Huang swept the event and left the weekend with a perfect score of 50 points. Ogorodnikov took 18 points per race for a total of 36, while Shermetinskii wound up with 32 overall after a pair of P3 finishes.

APAC Monza Race 2 Results 

Pos Driver Best Time 
Gary Huang 60:32.602 
Egor Ogorodnikov 60:43.085 
Ivan Shermetinskii 60:49.507 
Fadhli Rachmat 60:50.334 
Terry Rayton 60:52.283 
Andrew Laurenson 61:08.465 
Hung-Ming Chang 61:09.903 
Kin Long Li 61:10.590 
Moreno Pratama 61:18.460 
10 Wooi-Kit Low 61:23.634 
11 Nigel Chuah 61:26.444 
12 Sergey Mironenko 61:34.669 
13 Francis Metrillo 61:39.525 
14 Isaac Norman 61:42.764 
15 Andika Rama Maulana 62:07.289 
16 Davlish Singh 62:08.886 
17 Alexis Clapano 21:40.448 
18 Lukas Birss 11:27.801 
19 Kelvin Chen 10:32.095 

EMEA MONZA 1: Sherratt takes top spot in Race 1

In the first race of the EMEA region, the first lap could not have gone any better for Jordan Sherratt. For the rest of the field, it could not have been more suspect. The trouble turn all night was the Variante del Rettifilo, especially on lap 1. This time, Messaoud Redoine, who started second, got a tap from Johan Oufella as they exited the chicane, handing Sherratt a huge advantage immediately as the rest of the field attempted to avoid. Martin Kadlečík was able to move through and into second.

A few moments later, entering Variante della Roggia, the rest of the field from third on back started making tons of contact, multiple drivers finding speed bumps re-entering the track after an excursion through the chicane. Sharratt pitted with around 20 minutes to go. As the battle was on for essentially the third spot behind him and Kadlečík, Sharratt stayed mistake-free, collecting the first victory in the EMEA region on the night.

EMEA Monza Race 1 Results 

Pos Driver Best Time 
Jordan Sherratt 45:56.263 
Martin Kadlečík 46:02.085 
Niklas Houben 46:10.165 
Johan Oufella 46:16.404 
Ahmed Erquizi Hamada 46:23.733 
Kevin Siclari 46:24.112 
Jaroslav Honzik 46:24.316 
Charlie Crossland 46:24.693 
Michal Kopera 46:26.404 
10 Hamza Belhassane 46:30.624 
11 Kuhn Mathias 46:39.669 
12 Tinko van der Velde 46:43.279 
13 Fabio Calandrino 46:44.171 
14 Luca Tavernari 46:44.305 
15 Matteo Blotto 46:47.536 
16 Gianfranco Giglioli 46:49.045 
17 Zaahir Essa 46:49.239 
18 Leo Boulay 47:01.167 
19 Messaoud Redoine 47:25.172 
20 Jonathan Riley 47:33.525 

EMEA MONZA 2: Sherratt stays perfect, wins race 2

A much less exciting race, but for the right reasons, the EMEA field calmed things down quite a bit in the second, longer race of the evening. There were a few more dropouts from drivers giving up earlier on, but from the start, Sherratt had the pace and strategy to dominate once again.

Kadlečík continued to show second-best speed through the event, although he was challenged early on in the tricky first chicane by Niklas Houben. Houben finished third in the first race, but slid back to finish seventh in race two. Kevin Siclari was able to put himself in position to round out the podium.

Sherratt leaves Monza with a perfect score of 50 as well, with Kadlečík scoring 36 points when it was over. Both Siclari and Houben scored 24 points in the event and sit tied at third after the first round.

EMEA Monza Race 2 Results 

Pos Driver Best Time 
Jordan Sherratt 60:17.788 
Martin Kadlečík 60:26.025 
Kevin Siclari 60:33.548 
Jaroslav Honzik 60:35.050 
Tinko van der Velde 60:37.550 
Zaahir Essa 60:41.468 
Niklas Houben 60:41.711 
Michal Kopera 60:43.742 
Charlie Crossland 60:48.075 
10 Hamza Belhassane 60:48.640 
11 Gianfranco Giglioli 60:49.596 
12 Leo Boulay 60:49.978 
13 Luca Tavernari 60:50.891 
14 Fabio Calandrino 61:10.447 
15 Matteo Blotto 61:18.234 
16 Kuhn Mathias 33:10.671 
17 Jonathan Riley 23:54.835 
18 Ahmed Erquizi Hamada 4:03.055 
19 Johan Oufella 1:23.346 

NALA MONZA 1: Moreira scores first NALA victory

It was an interesting start to the final region’s first race at Monza. The NALA group seemingly had the cleanest start among the three regions, but it was in part due to the early retirement of William Hendrickson. Hendrickson pulled off from the third starting spot as the field took the green, leaving a large, comfortable gap as they entered the Variante del Rettifilo.

Fidel Moreira pulled out to an early lead, but Daniel Strufaldi kept him honest the entire 45-minute run. When it was complete, the gap was the closest of the night, just more than half a second between the two. Gabriel Felipe managed to grab third place after an intense run to the finish against Vinny Oliveira Leão and Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues.

NALA Monza Race 1 Results 

Pos Driver Best Time 
Fidel Moreira 46:07.795 
Daniel Strufaldi 46:08.366 
Gabriel Felipe 46:21.490 
Vinny Oliveira Leão 46:22.101 
Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues 46:22.748 
Joao Borges 46:26.801 
Murilo Laba 46:29.329 
Daniel de Oliveira 46:34.884 
Renato Dornelles 46:36.511 
10 Matheus Machado 46:50.394 
11 Ryan Woodrow 46:50.657 
12 Ricardo Huesca 46:55.398 
13 Lincoln Miguel 46:57.114 
14 Dave Junior 47:02.635 
15 Alexis Moisan 47:02.960 
16 Danny Baisden 47:09.449 
17 Caique Oliveira 45:24.265 

NALA MONZA 2: 3-for-3 sweeps, Moreira gets race 2 win

The second NALA race, and the final race of the evening was just as auspicious as the first EMEA race was earlier in the evening. Like Sherratt, Moreira was able to cruise to an early advantage after the rest of the field had trouble getting going. Strufaldi gave up a ton of time on the initial start, allowing Felipe to get alongside entering Variante della Roggia. Strufaldi couldn’t get the alternate line down and hopped the curb, causing the rest of the field to lose Moreira.

More chaos ensued through Curva di Lesmo, just before Variante Ascari at the tunnel, and then it finally began to settle down before the Curva Parabolica, all of it happening on the first lap. After the hour was up, Moreira was able to score a much easier victory than the last, keeping it perfect on the event for sweeps among all the regions. Moreira scored 50 perfect points with Strufaldi taking his share of 36 after two runner-up finishes. Felipe took 28 total after a fourth-place finish in race 2.

NALA Monza Race 2 Results 

Pos Driver Best Time 
Fidel Moreira 60:34.085 
Daniel Strufaldi 60:41.096 
Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues 60:43.947 
Gabriel Felipe 60:54.842 
Vinny Oliveira Leão 61:01.265 
Ricardo Huesca 61:01.843 
Joao Borges 61:02.213 
Ryan Woodrow 61:12.182 
Dave Junior 61:14.647 
10 Matheus Machado 61:15.959 
11 Alexis Moisan 61:19.868 
12 Murilo Laba 61:29.157 
13 Daniel de Oliveira 61:30.303 
14 Brian Kannappan 61:32.928 
15 William Hendrickson 61:40.414 
16 Lincoln Miguel 30:31.538 
17 Danny Baisden 7:54.244 
18 Caique Oliveira 2:24.518 
19 Renato Dornelles 0:43.213 

Check out the full event below. Yeah, it was 10 hours long. Next up is Laguna Seca on 11th July. That event will also be a Sprint event with two races per region.

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