Justin Brooks, Chase Williamson win at Pocono | Ultimate Summer Showdown

The third round of the NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate Summer Showdown at Pocono Raceway concluded on Thursday night with Justin Brooks and Chase Williamson taking victories in their respective console races.

Each race was a total of 20 laps with one pit stop needed to make it to the end. Caution periods played a factor into both races, but ultimately, the fastest cars to start the night wound up on top by the end of it.

Both winners won a NASCAR Racing Experience voucher and solidify their places in the Championship Round at Atlanta Motor Speedway.


In the Xbox field, it was another classic match up between Brooks and Buttafuoco. Daniel Buttafuoco took the lead just after halfway in the 20 lap event, but pole sitter Brooks saved his stuff and regained the lead four laps later, winning his second race of the Showdown.

With both Brooks and Buttafuoco locked into the Atlanta championship race already, the three advancing drivers from the Xbox race came from lower down the results. Normally a PlayStation driver, Maxwell Castro pulled double duty and it paid off with a playoff berth after finishing third. His Ganassi Gaming teammate on the Xbox side, Luis Zaiter, was also already locked in, so Chase Williamson in fifth place got the next lock in.

Finally, sixth-place finisher Tim Moore already double locked the last time out at Texas, so the final nod went to Elijah White in seventh. Essentially, the Top 7 finishers at Pocono will go up against Jeff Noe (third at Texas) and Cody Giles (third at Darlington). The remaining spots for Atlanta’s title bout will be filled by open qualifiers that start at midnight following the Pocono event.

Xbox Results
FinishNameGamertagCarStartLaps LedBehind
1Justin BrooksmrTRACKBAR33371160
2Daniel ButtafuocoLuckyDog38513340.2855
3Maxwell CastroTrnLftGoFast1501.2789
4Luis ZaiterCGM x Rose42202.8235
5Chase WilliamsonItyobrochase22603.6181
6Tim MooreWord Burton771404.3878
7Elijah WhiteTheAviator102412904.5844
8Nick WalkerwowTHATSgarbage11405.3596
9Josh TaylorAmour Smoke41705.4414
10Jordan BaneBaner95888191006.3397
11DJ StangerNcarracing64101807.8513
12Ryan Clarkll Ry Bread ll21207.9356
13John FreemanJCRMcLovin5571108.9256
14Drew JewahDrewLMAO141609.1821
15Tyler DoharJRM Dohar88881909.5899
16Jeff NoeSTOUT WHISKEY6624011.3799
17Sean AndersonSeanForLife3223011.7308
18Dakota LongKFB181817013.4857
19Konner CordesDR BUSCHHHH320015.263
20Jeremy NoblesMB1day RockyTop1722016.1151
21Ryan ThierrienOl TwEeDeR2948016.6199
22Tyler GlassTglass19921018.1749
23Mitchell Kelleytac32332413024.2254
24Jordan DworaczykJWOWisBACK615031.2723


With only 20 laps on the board, it wouldn’t take but a single caution at the right time to ensure making it on fast to the end of the race. Unfortunately, that caution came slightly early. Those who opted for a pit stop managed to luck into the right strategy, though, as the race stayed green for the rest of the time and those who could go the distance ended up with the best result.

Chase Williamson started on the pole position and led the opening laps, but an early yellow changed the complexion of the rest of the race. Some opted for the track position and stayed out, hoping for another caution or two, others pitted but didn’t think they had the chance to making it on fuel. Williamson and Tim Moore started saving from the drop of the second green, and it paid off for the two at the end.

Josh Harbin, Brennan Soderlund, Jordan Dworaczyk and Mathew Montgomery traded leading throughout the midsection of the race, but all wound up having to pit. The lead eventually cycled to Tim Moore, but Williamson was right behind. Williamson took back control and held on to win his first race of the showdown, locking his place in the PS4 title round finally after three events.

With Moore and Thomas Cohick already locked in, Matt Smith and Owen Bridges claimed the final two spots for Atlanta before the public gets a chance at making it through open qualifiers. The Top 5 at Pocono plus Joey Stone (winner at Texas), Josh Harbin (winner at Darlington), Joe West (third at Darlington) and Maxwell Castro (second at Texas) will all be locked in ahead of time.

PS4 Results
FinishNameGamertagCarStartLaps LedBehind
1Chase WilliamsonItsyourbrochase22160
2Tim MooreWordBurton77310.2093
3Thomas CohickJCR_Clashin0412905.8382
4Matt SmithFlashNine21506.5355
5Owen BridgesNukaBobQuantum171809.7937
6John FreemanJCR_McLovin_Rcn710010.8813
7Chris PerkeyThatManPerkey212011.2951
8Stephen YavorskiFRR_BADFASMARLEY788014.5276
9Daniel BasseDBdabest20816015.8089
10Mike BraasMikeRPM444414017.6345
11Maxwell CastroMaxBoost2712018.6873
12Brennen SoderlundBBS_Brennen20206227.9765
13Mathew MontgomeryCoach-Mat1013528.0979
14Nathan Scottbarinate02411032.9443
15Brett RussellKD3570037033.129
16Josh HarbinThAbEaR_95954535.7363
17Jordan DworaczykJCR_JWOWisBACK615136.1383
18Jose RuizJose_720_918036.6593
19George Taylorracehead83417043.4984
20Scott BrownJCR_Scottyb8833_14DNS
21Billy HolcombeBholcombe_FTR48DNS
22Isaac SmallwoodColaMotorsports38DNS
23Joe GornickJRM_Gornick788DNS

As mentioned before, the final round of open qualifiers are open to the public as of midnight following the Pocono event. Stay tuned to Traxion as we’ll be bringing all the coverage from the Ultimate Summer Showdown as it happens. 


Darlington Raceway: April 30, 2021 (12:01 a.m. ET) – May 6, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET)  

Texas Motor Speedway: May 21, 2021 (12:01 a.m. ET) – May 27, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET)  

Pocono Raceway: June 11, 2021 (12:01 a.m. ET) – June 17, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET)  

Atlanta Motor Speedway: July 2, 2021 (12:01 a.m. ET) – July 8, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET)  


Darlington Raceway: 20th May 1, 8 pm ET, 55 Laps (+2 Pace Laps)  

Texas Motor Speedway: 10th June, 8 pm ET, 60 Laps (+2 Pace Laps)  

Pocono Raceway: 1st July, 8 pm ET, 20 Laps (+2 Pace Laps)  

Atlanta Motor Speedway: 22nd July, 8 pm ET, 60 Laps (+2 Pace Laps)  

Watch all live events on the Traxion.GG YouTubeFacebook and Twitch channels. 

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