iRacing Superspeedway now available


With the first patch of 2021 Season 1 comes the first-ever fantasy track to join the iRacing platform.

As fans of NASCAR will know, a superspeedway is generally a “flat out” race track that requires a lot of “drafting” and tactics to succeed – however, this is no ordinary superspeedway. The track is 3.0 miles long, 0.5 miles longer than “real-life” superspeedway at Daytona and Talledega. It also features 30 degree angled turns, just shy of the 31 degrees at Daytona and 33 degrees for Talledega.

Whereas on real-life superspeedways there is a restrictor-plate to keep top-speeds in check, this track is designed to unleash the full power of a NASCAR Cup Series car in the draft – a scary proposition.

A preview courtesy of iRacing

The track was previously known as the “Coca-Cola Superspeedway”, with its origins in NASCAR Racing by Papyrus – the company folded in 2002 but much of its original management and some tech was used to build This refresh of the track was originally promised by Steve Myers, Exec VP and Producer for iRacing if Coca-Cola came onboard to sponsor their eNASCAR series.

As you may be aware, Coca-Cola did (and continue to) sponsor the series so the release of the track is no major surprise. Although the track does not yet contain Coca-Cola branding, this may be due to a delay in brand approvals so there’s probably a good chance of the track being renamed in the near future.

The track has been released at for $14.99 which is a hefty sum for a single circuit, despite not requiring to pay for license fees or laser-scan data. That said, it’s a refreshing change to the iRacing platform and it will be interesting to see if fans are happy with paying for fictional content. We’re certain that there will be plenty of NR2003 fans eager to give it a go.

Have you given it a go yet? Are you interested in fictional tracks on iRacing? As always, let us know in the comments, forums and social media!

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